2 Ceramic Chicken Eggs - Natural Looking 2.75” (7cm) Nest Eggs

2 Ceramic Chicken Eggs --- Natural Looking 2.75” (7cm) Nest Eggs from SunGrow - Encourages Egg Laying and Discourages Pecking & Eating - Great for Broodiness Test and Unique Home Decorations

  • ENCOURAGES HENS TO LAY EGGS IN NESTING BOX --- When a broody hen sees other eggs, she identifies that area as a safe place to lay her own eggs. Place these SunGrow ceramic chicken eggs inside the nesting box to encourage hens to lay eggs in a clean, cozy area instead of on the ground or chicken coop floor.


  • DISCOURAGES BAD HABITS LIKE PECKING --- Occasionally chickens may have bad habits such as eating and pecking at eggs in the nest. Before they have a chance to peck at real eggs, place ceramic eggs in the nest box. Chickens will peck at the ceramic and receive no reward which in turn discourages them from pecking at the actual chicken eggs.


  • USE TO TEST BROODINESS IN HENS --- If you are unsure whether your hens are broody or not, the 2 pack of SunGrow Ceramic Nest Eggs are an excellent way to find out. Place a couple of the realistic looking eggs in the nesting box and wait to see if your hen sets on them. When she does start setting for 3 days or more, it’s time to replace to fake eggs with fertile eggs to be hatched.


  • NATURALLY SIZED AND COLORED --- Approximately 2.75” (7cm) in size, the ceramic eggs from SunGrow are designed to closely replicate actual chicken eggs. Natural chicken eggs vary in color; this particular pair of ceramic nest eggs are a light brown color with a hint of red for authenticity.


  • MAKES BEAUTIFUL DIY HOME DECOR --- Along with being an effective and practical addition to your chicken coop, the durable ceramic chicken eggs look beautiful when used in do it yourself home decor. The raw, organic appearance of these durable eggs is perfect for festival like easter or traditional interior designs, log cabins, farmhouses, and country-themed homes.
$12.95 $15.95
Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow –The Perfect Parrot Toy

Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow –The Perfect Parrot Toy; Aids in the Physical & Psychological Being of your Parrots; Safe to Chew; 100% Natural & Non-Toxic

  • MAKES YOUR PARROT MENTALLY & PHYSICALLY HEALTHY ---Toys are necessity for parrots. They provide essential activities so that our intelligent feathered pets stay physically & mentally healthy. Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow provides opportunities for parrots to do their natural activities similar to those that would occur in their natural habitat.


  • REDUCES AGGRESSION & LONELINESS --- It has been documented that just about every intelligent creature delights in “play.” A parrot with nothing to do is a prime candidate for behavioral problems. Some parrots tend to be more destructive during certain times of the year – usually during their breeding period. Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow is a perfect companion to keep your parrots busy, less destructive and have more fun hours.


  • BRIGHT, COLORFUL & SIZE JUST RIGHT--- Parrots are very visually responsive. Bright colors are very attractive to them. They tend to explore more and be more interested, keeping them stimulated mentally.It has a size of 48x10cm and fits well like a perfect cage companion to your beloved feathered pets. The metal buckle holds this toy in place.


  • SAFE TO CHEW --- It is important for our feathered pet to have something to chew on. In the jungle, they engage in chiseling holes and tearing up branches. This is something innate for them. Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow is made from wooden cotton rope. Its crunch potential is ideal for small parrots and medium sized, conure-sized bird.


  • 100% NATURAL AND NON TOXIC --- It is important that what our pets take in their bodies will not harm them eventually. Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow is made from 100% natural materials and contains non-toxic compositions so you can be sure that it will not endanger the health or the life of your parrots.
$13.70 $23.95
Bird Foraging Wall Toy with Hanging Hook - Seagrass Woven Mat Safe to Chew - for Beak Exercise and IQ Simulation of Small & Medium Bird - Tuck Treats in Waffle Ball or pod Cups - Long Lasting

Bird Foraging Wall Toy with Hanging hook --- Seagrass Woven Mat Safe to Chew - For Beak exercise and IQ simulation of Small & Medium Bird - Tuck treats in waffle ball or pod cups - Long Lasting

  • FUN TIME FOR YOU AND YOUR BIRDS! – You can simply add, remove, or reposition the goodies attached to your bird treat dispenser and toy so your pets may never get bored! The toys can even be reused and transferred to other bird toys and provide a sense of shelter as an added perk.


  • HOURS OF TARGETED EXERCISE AND STIMULATION – The SunGrow’s Bird Foraging Wall Toy truly requires that your fowl fledglings sing for their supper! Mimicking the wild and indulging their natural behaviors, rest assured that the busiest of beaks are kept healthily satiated and occupied with the multiple levels of effort that this wall of fun brings!


  • SHELTERED FROM ALL HARMS – Made of all-natural seagrass and bird-safe materials, this device is tightly woven into a classic check pattern. It ensures fun and foraging lasts and you will not mess up your fun time with your pets. It's safe, secure, and durable for all occasions.


  • SUITABLE FOR WIDE VARIETY OF BIRDS (EVEN RABBITS!) – With a size measuring 12.6” X 13.75”, this contraption is not just limited to delivering a quality and satiating experience to the likes of African Greys, Amazons, Eclectus, mini Macaws, and Cockatoos; try this bird explorer out with your feathered friends no matter the species!


  • ALL IN ONE – The hanging grass mat for birds come with the toys as well so you won’t have to trouble yourself looking for them. Just set it up and you are good to go. Exercise and fun all wrapped up in one product.
$15.95 $30.95
Colorful Bird Ladder Bridge by SunGrow: Helps Birds with Balance, Made with Raw Wood and Edible Dye, Easy Installation, Bright, Durable and Flexible, Suitable for Small to Medium Birds
  • DEVELOP BIRDS BALANCE--- The hanging rope ladder bridge encourages birds to climb, play and hop from rung to rung. This will help develop their balance abilities and achieve optimal foot health.


  • BRIGHT AND VIBRANT COLORS--- The wooden beads are each dyed with pet safe edible dyes in a multitude of vibrant colors. The fancy bright colors make the ladder much more attractive for your little feathered friends.


  • MADE FROM NATURAL WOOD---The stairs and all beads of this bird ladder are made from 100% natural wood, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Your birds will enjoy the feel of a natural perch.


  • DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE--- Each rung and beads of the bird ladder are connected by a sturdy steel wire. This wire is extremely strong, durable and flexible. It allows for easy hanging across the cage.


  • SUITABLE FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM BIRDS--- This 19.6 inch long hanging bird ladder is ideal for small to medium birds. Whether you own a parakeet, cockatoo, macaw, budgie or parrot, your bird will enjoy hours of fun and physical play.
$9.95 $21.95
SunGrow Bird Cage Hammock Swing, 11.82-inches by 5.12-inches by 3.94-inches, Pet Hanging Toy, Perfect for Parakeet, Finch, Canary or Small Parrot, Fits Big Cage Perfectly

Colorful, Environmentally Friendly SunGrow Pet Bird Swing - Durable, Bite Resistant play toy - Perfect for Training or Entertaining your Parakeet, Finch, Canary or Small Parrot

  • PROVIDES A UNIQUE MIX OF COMFORT & FUN THAT LASTS ALL DAY --- The exciting SunGrow Bird Swing Toy guarantees to provide your beloved flying pet hours and hours of entertainment. Pet birds of any age fit beautifully on the perfectly sized swing making it comfortable and fun for them to swing all day long.


  • GIVES YOUR PET BIRD A MENTAL AND PHYSICAL WORKOUT --- Durable and sturdy, the SunGrow Bird Swing is the perfect place for your feathered pet to rest or get a workout by swinging and climbing around. Grab a treat and train your bird to fly to his resting place for his mental and physical stimulation.


  • BITE RESISTANT AND 100% PET SAFE --- Not only is the SunGrow Pet Bird Swing Toy enjoyable and cozy, it is made with durable, food grade materials making it both bite resistant and pet safe. Pet birds of all types love to peck and chew; this gives them a convenient, harmless place to do that.


  • IDEAL SIZE FOR A VARIETY OF PET BIRDS --- Dangling from a 11.8” long (30cm) sleek silver metal chain, a 5.12” x 3.94” (13cm x 10cm), hammock style wood swing hangs ready for your cockatiel, lovebird, parakeet or any other small to medium size feathered friend to sit on and sway all day.


  • BRIGHT BOLD COLORS ADD VITALITY TO YOUR HOME --- The vividly colored, vegetable dyed wood SunGrow Bird Swing looks great inside or outside of your pet’s cage. The swing easily installs into most bird cages and the brilliant rainbow of colors adds a bright playful energy to any area of your home.
$9.95 $19.95
SunGrow Bird House with Ladder, Nesting Home and Bird Feeder, Mini Condo for Avians, Coco Texture Encourage Foot and Beak Exercise, 100% Raw Coconut Husk, Durable Habitat with Hanging Loop

SunGrow Bird House with Ladder: 100% Natural Coconut Husk: Beautiful Nesting House or Bird Feeder: Sustainable Materials: Natural Textures Encourage Foot and Beak Exercise

  • TREAT DISPENSER--- This coconut shell bird house provides the perfect hollow space for placing treats and bird seed. Finches, sparrows, and robins will flock to this eco-friendly bird house.


  • NATURAL PRODUCT--- This SunGrow Birdhouse is made from a completely natural coconut husk, making this a 100% safe and non-toxic environment for birds.


  • BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE--- The SunGrow Birdhouse is made from one of nature’s strongest materials ensuring its durability. Additionally, this coconut shell bird house will never rust or get moldy.


  • EXERCISE--- The rough wooden rope ladder and coconut fibers, provide a variety of natural textures which encourage foot and beak exercise.


  • PERFECT SIZE FOR SMALL BIRDS--- On an average, the bird house has an opening diameter of 2.4 inches and the coconut shell diameter is about 5.1 inches. As these are natural products, the measurement can vary a bit though.
$12.95 $21.90
SunGrow Birdhouse, 0.5-Pound, Provides Bird Entertainment in Your Own Backyard, Comfort Area to Rest and Nest Holes Good Ventilation, Heart-Shaped Wood Hut

Heart Shaped Birdhouse - Decorative Rough Wood - Little Log Cabin Birdhouse - Perfect Gift for Newlyweds, Engagement , Housewarming , Honeymoon - Love Shack for Love Birds - Wooden Bird Feeder

  • ADD A RUSTIC TOUCH TO YOUR HOME --- This heart shaped birdhouse will add a rustic, pastoral vibe to your home decor. Place on a shelf in your kitchen or living room as a unique decorative piece. The flat solid base allows the little hut to sit on any flat surface.


  • PERFECT LITTLE WOODEN BIRD FEEDER --- The birdhouse features a unique opening at the back which you can move aside in order to fill the hollow cavity with bird seed and crumbs. Watch as little robins, sparrows and finches sit on the little perch and feed from your bird feeder.


  • IDEAL GIFT FOR NEWLYWEDS AND LOVEBIRDS --- This romantic heart shaped miniature log cabin by SunGrow will make a great gift for a newlywed couple. The adorable sign reads “Welcome Love Birds” and it has a name plaque called the love shack - you can’t get more lovey dovey than that.


  • REAL MOSS TRIM AND ROUGH WOODEN LOGS --- The real moss trim and rough split wooden logs make this birdhouse look like a handmade, vintage piece. You can even use this at Christmas time to add that wintry, cozy feel to your window ledge and home.


  • EASY LOOP FOR HANGING IN YOUR YARD OR BALCONY --- Easily hang this birdhouse using the rope hanging loop attached to the little roof. Hang from a tree branch, nail or hook. Decorate your yard, front garden, porch and patio with this country style heart shaped home.
$15.99 $32.99
SunGrow Chewing Toy for Parrot, Cockatiel, Macaw, Conure, Parakeet, 15.7 Inches Tall by 4 Inches Wide, Edible Chew, Nibbling Keeps Beaks Trimmed, Multicolored Wooden Blocks, 30 pc pack
  • ✔ CHALLENGES YOUR PARROT MENTALLY & PHYSICALLY --- Toys are a necessity for parrots. They provide essential physical activity so that our intelligent feathered pets stay healthy. Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow provides opportunities for parrots in the cage which they undertake when living in their native habitat. There are several multi-colored blocks in this single toy to make your bird active. These blocks are arranged in multiple layers to climb and explore.


  • ✔ ENTERTAINING TOY FOR YOUR BIRDS --- A parrot with nothing to do is a prime candidate for behavioral problems. Some parrots tend to be more disruptive during certain times of the year usually during their breeding period. SunGrow’s bird chewing and preening toy is a perfect companion to keep your parrots busy, less disruptive and have more fun hours which keep them active mentally.


  • ✔ EDIBLE CHEW TOY --- It is important for the avian species that we keep something for them to chew on. In their native habitat, they engage in chiseling holes and tearing up branches. This is something innate to them. The wooden blocks chew toy by SunGrow is made from wood and cotton rope. So when they nudge on to their toy, it would keep them content. So if you don’t spot your green cheek outside playing, just hover a little inside. They might be hiding amongst the blocks and savoring them.


  • ✔ RIGHT SIZE FOR YOUR BIRD --- The Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow comes with a standard size of 40cm (15.7”) x 10cm (3.9”) and fits well in your beloved feathered pet’s cage. The included metal buckle holds this toy in place. Its crunch potential is ideal for small parrots and medium-sized, conure-sized bird. It is suggested for macaws, African greys, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Budgies, Lovebirds, pigeons, and a variety of Amazon parrots as well.


Product Description

Studies on multiple species have shown that birds spend an average of more than 9% each day on their maintenance, with more than 92% of that time spent preening. Hence, it is extremely important for the pet birds to get enough opportunities for this. The Chewing Toy for parrots by SunGrow encourages foraging and preening and relieves feather plucking by your beloved feathery friend.

Is There a Toy That’ll Keep My Pet Engrossed All Day Long?

Parrot ownership entails challenges as it is not an easy task to keep our intelligent friend busy and active. Though toys have a large role to play in their total well-being, the question is, where to find ‘that perfect toy’ with which your bird just loves to play? Your search has come to an end with the SunGrow Bird Chewing Toy. It is a natural chew toy with lots of distinctive colored wooden blocks and knots. Birds love to untie cotton rope knots, which satiates their natural urge to chew. This sturdy and durable toy is enough for medium to large birds.

SunGrow Pet Pro Tip:

If in case your bird gets frightened by the new toy, try to put this toy outside the cage for a few days and when the bird gets habitual, keep it inside. Other thing that you might try is by stuffing the insides with a treat. That may be lucrative for some species to forage and find for their food.

SunGrow Pet Facts:

- Preening is how birds keep their feathers clean, waterproofed, and in flying condition and is very important to their survival.

- Birds love playing just like kids! They are intelligent creatures, always on the lookout for something to do rather than just sit around in a cage.

- Birds are able to distinguish colors. Therefore, color makes this wooden toy more attractive and interesting to them.

$285.00 $349.00
SunGrow Coconut Fiber, Comfortable Bedding for Small Birds and Animals, Nest Material, Great for Nest Building and Hideouts

Comfort Bird Nest Pad --- 100% Safe Material: Great for All Cage Sizes - Makes perfect resting spot - Suitable for for Hummingbird, Canary, Finch, Budgerigar, Cockatiels, African greys, Conures

  • 100% NATURAL COCONUT FIBER--- This 100% coconut fiber is a completely natural product. The fiber is sterilized and is completely safe for your pet. One pack includes 1.5 oz of coconut fiber.


  • GREAT FOR NEST BUILDING--- The SunGrow coconut fiber is great for nest building. Small birds such as finches, canary and budgies can use the fibers to build a cozy nest.


  • PERFECT FOR SMALL ANIMALS--- Coconut fibers are perfect not just for small birds but also for small furry house pets. Gerbil, hamsters, bunny rabbits and guinea pigs will love the feel of this product.


  • COZY BEDDING FOR RABBITS--- The coconut fibers will also make great bedding for your small pets. Hamsters, mice and gerbils will settle down for a good sleep in the bales of fiber.


  • DUST FREE--- The coconut fiber makes a perfect alternative to standard bedding and nesting materials. As it’s natural, it’s dust free and doesn’t have many particles. This makes it easier to clean your pet’s cage.
$11.95 $17.99
SunGrow DIY Paintable Bird House with Porch, Attracts Small Birds, Craft for Kids, Home Decor, Beautiful Gift for All Ages, Hang Bird Feeder Indoors or Outdoors, 1 pc

SunGrow Wooden Birdhouse: Fun DIY project for Kids: Double entrance for Easy cleaning: Small perch for birds to sit on: Easy to hang

  • SWEET LITTLE WOODEN HOME FOR BIRDS--- This sweet little wooden home will make a wonderful addition to your garden. Little birds will flock to feed in this cozy natural birdhouse.


  • FUN DIY PROJECT FOR KIDS --- Introduce your kids to the wonders of nature through this DIY birdhouse. The plain wood house can be painted, stained and decorated in so many different ways! Let your kids’ creativity fly.


  • PERCH FOR BIRDS---Hang this little wooden birdfeeder from a sturdy branch with the use of the loop provided. The little perch is the perfect place for small birds to sit and feed.


  • TWO ENTRANCE-WAYS --- This cozy little bird feeder features two entranceways. A small pigeon hole on one side and a sweet little door on a hinge on the other side. Great for birdwatching and easy cleaning.


  • MULTIPURPOSE--- You can use this birdhouse in your garden by hanging it on a sturdy branch. It can also be placed on a ledge, hung on your balcony, or as a center piece in a miniature fairy garden ; the choice is all yours.
$14.00 $21.95
SunGrow Fancy Bird Toy Mirror with Bells, 11-inches (Height) 3-inches (Width), Plastic Edging and Beads, Colorful, Attractive and Easy to Install Pet Toy for Parakeets, Cockatoos, Canaries

Fancy Bird Toy Mirror with Bells --- Strong, Safe Plastic Edging and Beads - Colorful, Attractive and Easy to Install Pet Toy from SunGrow - Sized for Parakeets, Cockatoos, Canaries and Pet Birds

  • ATTRACTIVE & STYLISH ADDITION TO YOUR BIRD CAGE --- Brightly colored with fun, stylish hues, this cute and exciting pet bird toy is an attractive addition to any pet bird’s cage. Since it is single sided, it ensures that the mirror only faces inside the cage towards the bird and doesn’t cause any unnecessary distractions to the others in the household.


  • PROMOTES BOTH MENTAL AND PHYSICAL STIMULATION --- Equipped with so many entertaining accessories, this interactive mirror from SunGrow keeps your intelligent feathered pets entertained for hours and hours. The mirror encourages them to interact with their reflections; for a single pet bird, a mirror may make him feel less lonely as he sees a friend in the mirror. The bells and beads provide even more mental and physical stimulation.


  • EASILY ATTACHES TO ANY STANDARD CAGE --- At a practical size of 7” x 5” (18cm x 13cm), the lightweight yet heavy-duty birdcage mirror is fitting for bird cages of all shapes and sizes. Easy to install hanger is included that makes it very simple to hang anywhere in your cage or outside, as high or as low as your beloved avian specie desires.


  • MADE WITH SAFE, DURABLE MATERIALS --- Constructed using pet and family-safe, non-toxic plastics and colors, the durable bird mirror is ready to be pecked and played with by even the most playful beaks and tongues such as parrots, finches and budgerigars. Sturdy and reliable, there is no need to worry about your little furry friends breaking their toy or harming themselves.


  • SUITABLE FOR MANY TYPES OF PET BIRDS & BREEDERS --- Many types and sizes of pet birds love to play with the bells and look in the mirror; this bright yellow rotating mirror is great for parakeets, cockatiels, parrots, budgies, conures and more. Particularly beneficial to bird breeders, the combination of interesting elements keeps your birds busy and out of trouble.
$9.95 $14.95
SunGrow Gecko Coconut Bird Hut, Nesting House for Cage or Patio, Finch, Canary, Sparrows’ Feeder, Rough Texture Encourages Foot and Beak Exercise, Home Decor or Hanging Food Dispenser, 3-Hole

3-Hole Coco Bird Hut & Charming Natural Home Decor -- Birdhouse makes for mini condo - Perfect for hiding millet and nesting material - Hang the food dispenser in a tree in front yard or patio

  • REAL COCONUT HUSK --- SunGrow COCO BIRD HUT is made from real, all natural coconut shell. Natural rope tied on top of SunGrow COCO BIRD HUT to attach to any place in or outside your home. Being an all natural product, it is completely safe and comfortable for all animals.


  • SHELTER FOR SMALL BIRDS --- 3 holes make coming in and out of SunGrow COCO BIRD HUT easy for smaller birds. Finches, sparrows, warblers, robins, wagtails and pipits love resting in it and even use bits of the coconut husk to make nests.


  • BIRD FOOD DISPENSER --- If you wish to attract larger birds, SunGrow COCO BIRD HUT is the perfect food dispenser. The 3 holes help larger birds access their treats. You'll be the most popular house with all winged friends.


  • GREAT FOR BIRD WATCHING --- If you are an avid bird watcher, SunGrow COCO BIRD HUT will help make your home welcoming to these beautiful creatures. Observe them from the comforts of your home.
$10.25 $17.95


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