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SunGrow - Apple Sticks

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  • 2-In-1 Chew treats and toys for small animals --- Chewing is a necessary and highly enjoyable activity for small animals like squirrels, gerbils, parrots, and guinea pigs. They like to chew on the young shoots and buds of many young trees, especially fruit trees when in the wild. Apple Sticks by SunGrow is a 60-pcs bark-covered stick of irresistible chew treats that they will surely appreciate. They would also love to play with these bunch of twigs for entertainment, exercise, and play.
  • Optimal teeth length and positive chewing behavior --- Each stick is about 6 inches in length and provides a chewing challenge and molar activity to your little munchers. These twigs help grind down their constantly growing teeth. They also give diversion and restrain your pets from chewing their cage and other things they are not allowed to chew on like furniture, clothes, and wires.
  • Good for digestion --- Twigs and branches also have other benefits other than oral upkeep. They serve as supplemental Vitamin C sources and provide roughage which is good for digestion and may aid in relieving intestinal issues, and mild pain thereby ensuring optimal development of small pets.
  • Relieves stress and boredom --- Once these twigs are placed in their hutch, your energetic pets will be intrinsically drawn to them. It helps them stay occupied and amused therefore their unruly behavior can be kept from negligible to a bare minimum. Creative gerbils and other small pets can also use these sticks for tunnel-building purposes.
  • Sweet taste munch sticks --- This bite wood is fully raw and is edible for chewing and gnawing. These are not treated with dyes, paints, or varnishes, therefore, will not affect your pet even if they ingest them accidentally.
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SunGrow - Apple Sticks

$4.92 SGD

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