100-Count Wet Wipes, Fresh Apple Scented Deodorizing Pet Wipes, Leaves Coat Shiny, Mildly Fragrant, Hypoallergenic, Recommended for Everyday Use, Convenient, Economical Pet Grooming Solution

SunGrow Pet Deodorizing Bath Wipes -- Fresh Apple Scented Deodorizing Pet Wipes - Leaves Coat Shiny - Mild, Gentle, & Recommended for Everyday Use - Convenient and Economical Pet Grooming Solution

  • KEEPS YOUR PET FRESH ALL DAY LONG --- With SunGrow Pet Wipes, your precious pet won't just look good and feel good, but will smell good too! Instead of that characteristic smell most of us will recognize almost immediately, why not have your little furball smell of fresh apples?


  • CONVENIENT & COMPACT --- A simple solution to the common problem of small messes: when it's not quite time or the occasion to give your pet a full bath, yet some care and cleaning is still called for. This super thoughtful 100-pack of pet wet wipes is easily taken along with you anywhere for anytime.


  • VERSATILE & LEAVES THE PET'S COAT SHINY --- One product with many purposes. These bath wipes are not just for cleaning your little one's coats, but can also be used to mop up any trouble they may cause! With caring ingredients that won't bother your darling, these wipes are great to use all over their bodies.


  • SAVES TIME AND MONEY --- Giving your pets a simple wipe down instead of drawing a bath and giving them a full shampoo really shaves off the minutes (or hours!), don't you think? Not having to fill up a pet tub and use pet shampoo (which is usually more expensive) also ensures more of your hard-earned cash stays in your pocket!


  • ALCOHOL-FREE SANITISATION --- You can be sure of mild, effective, and irritant-free bath wipes as these were made to get the job done with an alcohol-free formulation. Have your pet's' happiness shine through with a glossy coat and bright eyes as they stay healthy and feel great with anti-bacterial protection from SunGrow.
$11.99 $14.99
SunGrow Cat Cone Collar Soft, Pet Recovery Elizabethan E Collar Soft Neck Cone to Stop Licking for Cats & Kittens After Surgery, Cat Surgical Recovery Suit for Wound Cover, Puppy Dog & Rabbit Cone ( Pack of 90 )


  • An excellent alternative to firm, ugly lampshade-style recovery collar --- The cushioned collar of the SunGrow Pet Recovery Cone is a fine alternative to the recovery collar cones of yesteryears. Wearing this soft collar, your cute-looking pet can roam freely without feeling its weight. Perfect for happy selfies with your poochie.


  • For faster, quicker recuperation --- For bruised pets, it’s instinctive to bite annoying spots. The pink polka-dotted collar by SunGrow is ideal for this situation. The pretty soft pink cone restricts pets from scratching their stitches, and/or rashes. It also works great for pets with skin conditions and as an effective grooming cone. It recuperates your pet comfortably. Get one for yourself for a speedy recovery of your little ones.


  • Ensures maximum comfort and visibility --- The recovery Cone collar doesn’t interfere with your pet’s peripheral vision or in their ability to drink and/or eat. In fact, they rest more comfortably due to the soft fabric edge. They can lay their head in any position wearing the cone. You can fold it upwards or downwards as per your preference and recovery spot. It won’t hinder them from being too cute.


  • Save money on expensive vet visits --- As pet owners, we know the expense that involves one vet visit. But, now you can save a few dollars if your pooch is suffering from any condition by simply giving him the gift of this pretty collar. Normally, the vet gives you uncomfortable plastic cones which make your pet’s life a little harder. So, save both the misery and the money and buy this gorgeous recovery cone.


  • Adjustable loop-type wrist closure fasteners --- When you put SunGrow recovery collar around your pet’s neck, you can conveniently adjust the collar size with the Loop Type Wrist Closure Fasteners, tighten or loosen as required. Just ensure you have measured the right circumference of your dog’s neck as he recuperates. The cone is ideal for necks measuring 9-10.5 inches (23 - 26 cm) which include large cats and small dogs.



In what scenarios will SunGrow Recovery Cone help my pet?

Our product would come in handy under the following situations -

  1. Mild inflammation of the tissue around the eye caused during cat fight.
  2. Abscess caused by biting or scratching around the neck, front leg, tail, and/or rump area.
  3. Ligament tear or fractured legs.
  4. Any surgery on the face or in the case of a facial skin lesion that cat might scratch.
  5. Suitable in case of eyelid/ear surgery, red bald spots on cat neck and teeth removal.

What is this pet cone made of?

Soft yet strong, the pet medical cone is made with high-quality, durable foam, and soft fabric. The lightweight recovery collar is washable, easy to spot clean, and air dry. Well-stitched and sturdy, the cone does not fall apart easily. Also, when you see your little one sleeping with this, they’ll not have to be in direct contact with a cold, hard surface, but they’d be resting on a soft pillow. With this around their neck, your cat or dog can lay down in a comfortable position while wearing it.

What makes the SunGrow pet cone collar superior to others?

The premium Pet Recovery Cone is one of the cutest cone collars on the market. Unlike hard plastic medical cones, the soft cone from SunGrow does not create disturbing noises when bumped against the wall or floor. Nor do you need to fear it getting punctured unlike in the inflatable cones. This veterinary-tested and approved collar is ideal for injured pets or ones that had undergone surgery. An effective pet cone saves you money in vet bills from pets’ chewing or biting incisions or wounds.

$684.00 $765.00
SunGrow Cat Crinkle Balls, 1.5-2 Inches, Lightweight, Ideal for Kittens and Adult Cats ( Pack of 180 )
  • Interactive, Engaging & Stress Buster --- It is important for your cat to keep fit and active, both mentally and physically. These SunGrow Mylar crinkle balls will keep your cats entertained for hours. Giving them exercise and an outlet, which will make even the most bored cats happy!


  • Bond Over With Bright Colored Balls --- These crinkle balls come in a variety of bright metallic colors. Bust your stress playing fetch with your pets, what can be a better way to bond! Playing with crinkle balls helps cats relieve boredom, improves circulation and builds muscle.


  • Interactive Crinkly Sounds --- Your kittens and cats will go wild for these little crinkle balls. Their sensitive ears will pick up the crinkly sound the ball makes every time they play and pounce on it. It is the best exercise toy to calm down your cats.


  • Shiny Mylar Textured Toy --- The Mylar material has a reflective metallic surface similar to aluminum foil. These balls are made of soft and lightweight mylar texture in the right size for cats to grasp or carry. You never need to worry about whether they will hurt your kittens even if they step on them with bare feet. It’s shiny yet soft and is very attractive to your cat.


  • Small Size, Suitable For All Cats --- The ball measures between 1.5 - 2 inches making this toy perfect for all sized cats. Watch as your littlest kitten or aging feline enjoys pouncing and chasing these crinkle balls.

Crinkle Crinkle in the house

What could be better than one crinkle ball?

A Whole Bag of crinkle balls!! This pack comes with 12 amazing Mylar crinkle balls that will keep your cats and kittens entertained for hours on end. Once you open this pack your feline friends will go absolutely crazy for these shiny crinkle balls. Watch as they attack these balls, pouncing, batting, swatting and playing. They will be scattered around your house, yet will be retrieved with delight by your kitties!

$900.00 $1,100.00
SunGrow Coconut Shell House for Hamsters, 14-16 Inches Circumference, Raw Coco Husk, Pet Hiding House, Climber or Chew Toy, for Mice, Rats, Gerbils ( Pack of 30 )
  • ✔ LARGE COCONUT HIDEOUT FOR HAMSTERS --- Measuring between 14-16”, the SunGrow Hamster Cage can fit two small pets inside. Watch as your cuddly little hamsters play hide-and-seek taking shelter in this raw coconut husk, with a carved out entrance hole. It’s the perfect hiding spot for hamsters and other small pets to play in.


  • ✔ HAMSTER HIDING SPOT --- Instead of using plastic tunnels or other artificial toys in your hamsters’ or other small pets’ cage, use this hamster house. Provide a warm, safe and cozy home for your little friends to take shelter or play in.


  • ✔ GIVE YOUR PETS PEACE OF MIND --- Sometimes the pocket pets will want to escape to a nice, dark and quiet place of their own. This coconut house is dark and spacious, it provides the perfect place for hamsters to go to sleep in, de-stress and enjoy some quiet time away from the hamster wheel or other distractions.


  • ✔ SUITABLE FOR ALL SMALL PETS --- This coconut husk will fit small pets like mice, rats, gerbils, chinchillas, hamsters, lizards, hermit crabs, spiders, snails or even small snakes if you happen to own one. The sense of security that this coco husk provides is calming for all these pets and you can place it anywhere in your animal's cage.


  • ✔ PERFECT FOR CLIMBING OR CHEWING --- Little pets love to scramble and climb over different surfaces, especially when they have a rough textured feel to them. This can help with mental and physical stimulation for small pets. Your pets can also chew on this durable coconut shell which is great for their teeth and oral health.


Product Description

SunGrow Large Cat Litter Scoop, Life Transforming Cat Scooper, Reduces Hand Fatigue, Saves Clear Litter, Makes Scooping Faster and Easier ( Pack of 60 )
  • Ease Arthritis And Hand Fatigue --- SunGrow’s lightweight yet durable Grey handle scoop has a soft, ergonomic rubber handle that is gentle on hands and wrists. The rubber handle will give you a feeling of surety and confidence without forcing you to grip too tightly causing fatigue and discomfort.


  • Saves You Money --- You’ll save money with SunGrow’s Large Cat Litter Scoop because it’s super durable and SunGrow’s no-scatter slots let you reuse the clear litter while scooping all the poop! Thereby, saving you bucks on buying litter frequently.


  • Life Transforming --- The only thing worse than maintaining the litter box is having a dirty box. Conquer the box with SunGrow’s large scoop! Our comfortable poop scoop makes scooping easier and quicker than ever before. You’ll own the box with our scoop giving you a sense of confidence and satisfaction that you can use to own the world!


  • Handles Corners --- Does your Scottish Fold like a round litter pan? Does your Siamese like her litter to come up to her knees? SunGrow’s scoop is designed for reaching hard square corners and round corners. Our sturdy scoop has a sure-grip grey colored handle for every shaped litter pan and every depth of litter!


  • Scoops Corn, Wheat, Clay, Walnut, Pine, And Silica Litter --- Bengals, Persians, Ragdolls, and even the domestic short-hair cats know exactly which type of litter they want in their box. SunGrow’s aluminum scoop will shift them all without letting anything stick or retaining any odors. Don’t let your kitty down, SunGrow’s scoop lets your kitty have their preferred litter and lets you use the best scoop available.

Keeping your cat’s litter clear and hygienic will restrain them from creating mess around your house or even finding other places in your home to do their business. All it takes is two minutes of your time, with its faster sifting capability. Now comfortably remove even the large amount of litter from the box QUICKLY!

$450.00 $600.00
SunGrow Parrot Wooden and Rope Chewing Toy, Multi-Shaped and Multicolored Blocks and Cotton Rope with Hanging Loop ( Pack of 30 )


  • Challenges Your Parrot Mentally & Physically --- Toys are a necessity for parrots. They provide essential physical activity so that our intelligent feathered pets stay healthy. Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow provides opportunities for parrots in the cage that they undertake when living in their native habitat. There are several multi-colored blocks in this single toy to make your bird active. These blocks are arranged in multiple layers to climb and explore.


  • Entertaining Toy For Your Birds --- A parrot with nothing to do is a prime candidate for behavioral problems. Some parrots tend to be more disruptive during certain times of the year, usually during their breeding period. SunGrow’s bird chewing and preening toy is a perfect companion to keep your parrots busy, less disruptive, and have more fun hours which keep them active mentally.


  • Edible Chew Toy --- It is important for the avian species that we keep something for them to chew on. In their native habitat, they engage in chiseling holes and tearing up branches. This is something innate to them. The wooden blocks chew toy by SunGrow is made from wood and cotton rope. So when they nudge their toy, it would keep them content. So if you don’t spot your green cheek outside playing, just hover a little inside. They might be hiding amongst the blocks and savoring them.


  • Right Size For Your Bird --- The Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow comes with a standard size of 40cm (15.7”) x 10cm (3.9”) and fits well in your beloved feathered pet’s cage. The included metal buckle holds this toy in place. Its crunch potential is ideal for small parrots and medium-sized, conure-sized birds. It is suggested for macaws, African greys, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Budgies, Lovebirds, pigeons, and a variety of Amazon parrots as well.


Why Preening is Crucial for Your Birds?

Preening is how birds keep their feathers without dirt, waterproofed, and in perfect position for the flying condition. Studies on multiple species have shown that birds spend an average of more than 9% each day on their maintenance, with more than 92% of that time spent preening. Hence, it is extremely important for pet birds to get enough opportunities for this.

The Chewing Toy for parrots by SunGrow encourages foraging and preening and relieves feather plucking by your beloved feathery friend. It is suggested for macaws, African greys, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Budgies, Lovebirds, pigeons, and a variety of Amazon parrots as well.


Pets Who Would Love This Chewing Toy

Since birds love playing just like kids, they are always on the lookout for doing something rather than just sitting around in their cage. This colorful bird toy gives them the right opportunity, making it the perfect toy for them. Apart from these flying species, our toy is suitable for several small pets like squirrel monkeys, hamsters, guinea pigs, and many more. Its multicolored texture attracts the pets visually. They keep themselves busy by chewing and working on the blocks, rope, and especially the knots.



$285.00 $315.00
SunGrow Rabbit, Leopard Gecko & Guinea Pig Grass Chew Mat, Hay Bedding, Zip tie to Wire Cage Provide Insulation Cold Weather, Cover Ugly Wire on Cage, DIY Small Pet Runways, Huts ( Pack of 120 )


  • Comfortable Mats For Your Bunnies --- Small pets like rabbits love the outdoors. An environment that appeals to their innate behaviors is always attractive to them. The Seagrass Mats by SunGrow is hand-woven and has a very distinct feel and smell of the great outdoors that these nature-loving creatures adore. The scent of earth and the warmth it brings always provide comfort and soothe them.

  • Protects Sensitive Feet, Sore Hocks Healer --- Wire cage floors can injure these energetic animals. These seagrass weave mats when placed as additional flooring pads inside their cage stay flat and intact. It also averts your pets from being injured.

  • Provides Enjoyable Chewing Time --- As this is made from Seagrass and nothing else, this is edible. For your bunnies, chewing is an important activity. Having an edible mat available in their cage can help them stay happy and healthy. Having this in their habitat, your foraging pet will always be provided with the necessary high fiber he needs and craves.

  • Multi-Purpose Bedding --- More than just being chewable play mats and resting ground, these can also serve as a blank canvas of creative ideas for pet owners. Measuring 7.8”x 11” or ( 20 x 28 ), you may use them whole, as pockets for rewards when you hide treats in between sheets or even create a hammock by putting strings at the ends. These playful creatures under your care will be kept occupied and will develop their hunting skills further.

  • Durable & Waterproof --- The main raw material, Seagrass, is extremely resistant to water. Probably, it is the comfiest flooring you can use inside the cage. Even if your nibbling friends urinate on these mats, clearing won’t be a problem. You just have to quickly rinse with water, and air dry.


As pet parents, we have the responsibility to give our other “family members” special care and the best for their welfare. Comfort is something so basic yet sometimes seems too difficult to provide or often ignored. Our energetic little ones get restless whenever uncomfortable.

$420.00 $480.00
SunGrow Teething Treat Chew Ball for Rabbit, Ferret, Guinea Pig, Puppy, Kitten Tooth Clearing Puzzle Treat Dispenser, Interactive IQ Training Ball for Oral Care & Mental Activation, Green, 2.75" ( Pack of 60 )


  • Keeps Your Pet Away From Oral Issues --- The SunGrow Chew Ball Toy is made of flexible rubber with splits. So, whenever your pet’s teeth go into these grooves, the small spikes serve as a brush to massage their gums. Consequently, it increases the endurance and strength of the enamel. Therefore, you can protect your pet from several oral problems.


  • Encourages Active Play Even For Older Bunnies --- With time, you must have seen your pet feeling lethargic or inactive for most of the day. But with SunGrow Rabbit Treat Ball, you may now offer them something to bite or chew which will keep them mentally charged. This would entail some sort of physical play. Since this IQ Bunny Teething Ball is made of rubber, it is bouncy, strong, and durable.


  • Ultimate Brain Teaser With Hours Of Fun --- The sawtooth design of the SunGrow Bunny Ball is ergonomic. Play with your pet pal as you interact and put some treats such as Kibble, Peanut Butter, Cheese & Toothpaste, etc. in the central hole or in the sawtooth part. Let your rabbit toss, chase, and have fun with the ball. This will help in trimming their teeth and massaging their gums.


  • Discourages Aggressive Behavior --- Rabbits when left alone for a longer period of time often resort to aggression to relieve stress and loneliness. The bright green color of our oral ball arouses the pet's interest easily. When you indulge them in this, stay assured that your home furnishings products like carpets, wooden interiors, and curtains are saved. When you have this, you get a chew toy, gum massager, brain teaser ball, and teeth-clearing toy, all in all-in-one.


  • Keeps Your Pet Physically & Mentally Fit --- To keep your pet physically active and mentally charged, use the SunGrow Chew Treat Ball as a fetch ball. It will help in promoting the endurance and strength of the animal and serves as a positive outlet for instinct and energy. It is the playtime that keeps the pet active and without toys, they may indulge in unruly behavior.


Whether you are looking for a gum massage toy, outdoor or indoor playing toy or a pet training ball, SunGrow Teething toy will serve all three purposes. This multi-utility Bunny ball is the best gift for your lovely pet. A good chew ball diverts their attention when they are home alone.

Playing with a rabbit treat ball will make your rabbit smarter and further his intelligence. It will massage the interdental spaces of your pet.


The holes in the SunGrow Treat Ball make it an interactive chew toy that restrains your pet from feeling separation anxiety. You can fill them either with peanut butter, slices of carrots, or lettuce to keep them engaged while you are away or doing your household chores. When you fill it up with your pet’s favorite treats, watch them roll it in the house or the garden to get the treats out. The treats fall out of the rubber material which makes it edible.


  • Please ensure that you wipe the ball before and after its use.
  • For maintenance, simply put the ball under running water or spray it with a water hose and the Treat Ball is ready to use.

 Disclaimer: Not for Aggressive Chewers

$276.00 $330.00


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