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SunGrow - Cat Litter Scoop

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  • Ease Arthritis And Hand Fatigue --- SunGrow’s lightweight yet durable Grey handle scoop has a soft, ergonomic rubber handle that is gentle on hands and wrists. The rubber handle will give you a feeling of surety and confidence without forcing you to grip too tightly causing fatigue and discomfort.
  • Saves You Money --- You’ll save money with SunGrow’s Large Cat Litter Scoop because it’s super durable and SunGrow’s no-scatter slots let you reuse the clear litter while scooping all the poop! Thereby, saving you bucks on buying litter frequently.
  • Life Transforming --- The only thing worse than maintaining the litter box is having a dirty box. Conquer the box with SunGrow’s large scoop! Our comfortable poop scoop makes scooping easier and quicker than ever before. You’ll own the box with our scoop giving you a sense of confidence and satisfaction that you can use to own the world!
  • Handles Corners --- Does your Scottish Fold like a round litter pan? Does your Siamese like her litter to come up to her knees? SunGrow’s scoop is designed for reaching hard square corners and round corners. Our sturdy scoop has a sure-grip grey colored handle for every shaped litter pan and every depth of litter!
  • Scoops Corn, Wheat, Clay, Walnut, Pine, And Silica Litter --- Bengals, Persians, Ragdolls, and even the domestic short-hair cats know exactly which type of litter they want in their box. SunGrow’s aluminum scoop will shift them all without letting anything stick or retaining any odors. Don’t let your kitty down, SunGrow’s scoop lets your kitty have their preferred litter and lets you use the best scoop available.
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SunGrow - Cat Litter Scoop

$8.97 SGD

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