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Vila Fuzzy Balls with Bells for Cats, Chewing and Enrichment Tool, Multi-color Soft Plush, Small (2”), Medium (2.5”), Large (3”), 3 Pieces Per Pack

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Vila Fuzzy Balls with Bells for Cats

Product description

  • Attractive balls that entice feline's instincts --- Constructed with a spectrum of multiple colors, Fuzzy Balls with Bells for Cats by Vila is truly a visual feast for your felines. With their sphere shape, these balls move and mimic a cat's hunting target, activating their innate behavior. Our products come in 3 sizes (S, M, L), purr-fect for any cat's size and breed, satisfying their curiosity and need for adventure. 
  • Provides physical and mental exercise --- Our vibrant squishy balls keep your felines active by prompting them to engage in dynamic activities like swatting, pouncing, rolling, batting, and many more. These movements facilitate cardiovascular exercise and muscle engagement. The jingling sound of the attached bell piques their interest and prompts your cat to explore. It helps combat boredom and enhances problem-solving skills, resulting in an excellent cognitive state. 
  • Soft and gentle material --- Your furry friend will enjoy these balls' soft and plush material. They are made with high consideration of your pet's sensitive paws, security, and comfort. The softness of these balls is gentle on your feline's paws, ensuring that every active interaction is delightful. The plush texture provides your feline companion comfort, promoting relaxation, and contentment. It can also satisfy your cat’s chewing instincts. 
  • Caters to cat's need for multi-sensory experience --- Our product provides holistic enjoyment to your felines by allowing them to utilize their senses of sight, sound, and touch. The ball's vibrant colors, the enchanting sounds of bells, and soft texture are essential in addressing your pet's diverse sensory needs. Beyond providing entertainment, these fuzzy balls help in enhancing your feline's overall well-being and happiness. 
  • Great for cats' indoor exploration--- Cats are adventurous and like to explore. If you want your felines to have reasons to stay indoors regularly, our Fuzzy Balls can take care of it. It can satisfy their need for adventure without leaving the comforts of your home. Our products are lightweight yet durable that can withstand your cat's batting. They can provide endless entertainment while fulfilling your cat's exploration instincts. 


Cat owners often struggle to keep their furry companions in tip-top condition without constant supervision. The battle is also often coupled with how to let them satisfy their exploration needs without always leaving the comforts of their home. An easy way of addressing these concerns is to provide them with enrichment tools. Fuzzy Balls with Bells for Cats by Vila is an efficient solution to make life enjoyable for your pets.

The challenge for cat owners is multifaceted:

  • Keeping them physically and mentally active
  • Ensuring a secure ambiance
  • Fostering independence for their cats

Our plush balls offer a holistic approach that aligns with the daily requirements of your feline companions. They create a multi-sensory experience, offering more than just entertainment. Their lightweight design and appealing texture encourage solo exploration and physical activity. Our product features vibrant colors, and the bell inside each ball makes them attractive to cats. They can help combat your pet's boredom and cater to their instinctual hunting behavior. The enticing texture and dynamic movements of the balls allow your cat to bat, chase, roll, and pounce, satisfying their exploration needs within the security of their home.

Here are some simple tips to fully utilize the benefits of these Fuzzy Balls:

  • Place the balls strategically in areas frequented by your cat, ensuring easy access for impromptu interactive activity sessions
  • Incorporate hide-and-seek games by tucking the balls in different corners to invigorate the cat's curiosity
  • Rotate the balls regularly to maintain your cat's interest and avoid monotony

Each cat is unique, and you can tailor the use of these Fuzzy Balls to your cat's individual preferences. Our 3-piece Fuzzy Balls with Bells come in different sizes (S, M, L), promising a more personalized and rewarding experience for your feline's better enrichment. Our product may be simple, but it generates a transformative impact on your pets' overall well-being.

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Vila Fuzzy Balls with Bells for Cats, Chewing and Enrichment Tool, Multi-color Soft Plush, Small (2”), Medium (2.5”), Large (3”), 3 Pieces Per Pack


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