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Vila Pet Food Measuring Scoop Cups, One Set to Feed Them All - Ideal for Multi-Pet Homes, Perfect Portion for Your Pets, Easy to Fill and Measure, 4pcs

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Vila Pet Food Measuring Scoop Cups

Product description

  • Happy Weight Happy Pet --- Is your pug a slug? Can you see your Siamese’s knees? We all know how easy it is to earn some love handles and it’s the same for your furry friend. Vila pet scoops ensure every meal is perfectly portioned for your pet’s needs helping them maintain a proper weight so they can live their best, longest life with you.
  • From Puppy To Senior And Kitten To Cat --- Puppies and kittens have different caloric (calorific) needs than their parents and senior pets have different needs than adult pets. Vila pet scoops come in 4 sizes: 1 cup (250ml), ½ cup (125ml), 1/3 cup (80ml), and ¼ cup (60ml.). This makes it easy to adjust food portions for your pet’s needs as they grow.
  • Cute And Colorful Of Course --- Do pet food measuring cups need to be in bright, fun colors? No. But it’s a bonus! And the bright colors are easy to find in a food bag or dark closet. And the last thing we want to do is root through the kibble for our food scoop. The colors also make it easier to remember which scoop is used for which pet.
  • One Set To Feed Them All --- Don’t leave your GSD hungry or give your Frenchie tummy troubles! Vila’s set has got each and every pet covered! A ring keeps the scoops together but it can easily be opened for convenience so you can keep the larger scoops together for your dogs, the smaller one in the cat’s food, and the smallest for the ferret. Save your kitchen sets because this set is for the animals.
  • For Your Backyard Kingdom --- We love animals - especially our backyard visitors! Vila’s food scoops multiple sizes make feeding a variety of furry friends easy! They’re color-coded so you know which scoop to use for squirrel food, which for bird seed, and which for mealworms and sunflower kernels.


Vila’s pet food measuring cups are easy to use. The handle is gentle on your hands and the scoop makes it easy to fill. The bright colors let you easily identify each cup and assign scoops by color. You can just toss them in the dishwasher as needed and stack together to save space. The D-shaped buckle holds all the spoons together. They can also be separated to keep them where you need them. The plastic measuring cups’ flat base allows it to lay upright and you can add both dry and liquid contents. The food scoop has a half line to let you know the half mark of each cup.

Vila’s dog food scoops with measurements makes it simple to feed consistent portions to your canine. Weight maintenance is important to your best friend's well-being. The scoop shape makes it easy to fill and easy to pour. Got a snuffle mat or a busy bowl? Vila’s scoop is perfect for getting the kibble evenly distributed into the mat and busy bowl. Vila’s durable pet food measuring cups are ideal for all dry food. They’re great for cat food, rabbit pellets, wildlife feed, and bird seed.

Vila’s pet food scoops are sturdy, space-saving, and they go right in the dishwasher. The measuring cups set can be held together or can be used separately for easy use and storage, lightweight and portable for travel, indoor and outdoor use. You’ll appreciate the easy to use and bright colors so much, you’ll want a second set for you! Vila’s measuring scoops are perfect for bakers. Quickly and accurately scoop flour, sugar, beans, and rice. Vila’s measuring cup scoops will become your favorite for your pets and for you.

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Vila Pet Food Measuring Scoop Cups, One Set to Feed Them All - Ideal for Multi-Pet Homes, Perfect Portion for Your Pets, Easy to Fill and Measure, 4pcs


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