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Synra Cast Iron Scrubber, 7 Inches Diameter, Round 316 Premium Stainless Steel, Lightweight, Flexible Chainmail Scrubber, Cleans Cookware with No Scratches or Residue

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Synra Cast Iron Scrubber

Product description

  • Rust-Proof 316l Premium Stainless Steel --- Crafted using high-grade 316L stainless steel rings woven together in an interwoven design, the Synra Steel Scrubber is durable, lightweight and flexible. The long-lasting pot scrubber is corrosion-resistant and doesn’t rust like steel wool cleaning pads.
  • Get Rid Of The Smelly Scouring Pads --- Using the reusable cast iron cleaning cloth instead of disposable sponges and scouring pads saves you money and is better for your health. The stainless steel mesh net is easily cleaned.
  • Time, Money, and Effort Saver --- This little rag of chains can hold onto dish detergent, and it goes to all sorts of grimy embarrassments: the sink, stainless steel pots, dried egg yolk on fork tines, Melamine, glass dish, mixing bowls, aluminum pressure cooker, and even the toaster oven's crumb tray. It is nice to have around right next to the sponge and use it with less water and little-to-no soap. It will reduce your purchases of abrasive brushes and traditional steel wool scouring pads.
  • Soft on Hands and Surfaces --- Our customers love its round 7" x 7" shape because it provides a superior grip. Not only is it comfortable in your hands, but the small metal rings also take away food and grime without scratching your cookware's finish.
  • Easy to Maintain and Store --- With a little lukewarm water, the practical cookware scrubber is ready to work on the grimiest oil residue. When finished, simply rinse the metal mesh cloth or toss it in the dishwasher. There is a convenient corner ring so you can hang it to air dry and store it until the next use.

How do I use the Skillet Scrubber?

The cast iron scrubber is easy to use without the need for any cleaning products or using detergents. If the food or grime hasn’t dried on yet, simply run warm water from your tap and scrub the pan under the running water. For cooked residue that has become stuck, it is best to use hot water. Fill your cast iron skillet with water and place on the stovetop to heat it up. The heat of the water loosens up the sticky particles so you can rinse and scrub under running water. Once clean, wipe with a paper towel and air dry by hanging the mesh cloth from the corner ring.

Is the Cast Iron Scrubber by Synra good?

Made with premium quality 316L stainless steel, the metal ring brush cloth is durable and more hygienic than most other pot scrubbers. The stainless steel scrubber, your everyday utility tool is anti-rust and can be used repeatedly for years. The practical size removes gunk without getting clogged up with germs and grime.

What surfaces are safe to scrub?

Ideal for cast iron skillets and pots, the small ring scrubber also cleans other non-coated cookware surfaces such as glass pan and grill grates. Scrub your griddle, hibachi, woks and baking sheets without worrying about losing your seasoning or ruining your finish. More than just a cookware scrubber, the metal ring mesh net is equally effective for your sink and dishes.

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Synra Cast Iron Scrubber, 7 Inches Diameter, Round 316 Premium Stainless Steel, Lightweight, Flexible Chainmail Scrubber, Cleans Cookware with No Scratches or Residue


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