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Vila Manual Fuel Transfer Pump, Portable Water, and Gas Siphon Pump Kit, Multi-use, Syphon Hand Pump for Gasoline, 15" Siphon Hose, Liquid Transfer for Automotive, Rain Barrels & Water Gardens

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Vila Manual Fuel Transfer Pump

Product description

  • Quick & Easy To Set Up And Use --- The all-inclusive hand pump and siphon kit from Vila has everything you need to successfully and efficiently transfer liquids from one place to another. The 9” (23cm) hand pump connects to a 15” (40cm) suction tube for a total length of 24” (63cm). A secure cap on the top of the pump rotates for on or off. A 39” (100cm) discharge tube transfers the liquid to its new destination.
  • Many Different Automotive Uses --- From running a full-time automotive repair shop to do-it-yourself vehicle maintenance in your own garage, there are a variety of practical functions of the hand siphon. Most commonly it is used as a fuel or oil siphon to transfer from one drum barrel to another or directly into a vehicle’s gas tank. Since it is so handy and versatile, it makes for a great tool for your trunk just in case of automotive emergencies.
  • Siphon Numerous Liquid With Just One Equipment --- Along with water, gasoline, diesel oil and other petroleum products, there are many other liquids that can be used in the Vila Manual Syphon Pump. Additional liquids that can be transferred include detergents, soaps, thinner and kerosene. Avoid any thick liquids or highly caustic ones such as nitric, hydrochloric or sulfuric.
  • Practical For The Household --- There are so many practical and effective ways to use the manual siphon pump that make your life easier. The pump is great for transferring water from a rain barrel to water your garden and plants.
  • Materials That Vouch For Durability --- Made from strong PVC plastic, the Vila Manual Siphon Pump is lightweight. The plastic hand pumping pipe and siphon tubes will not bear any effect. They are also very easy to clear by simply rinsing with soap and water.


What is the manual siphon pump constructed of?

The 24” (63cm) high-speed hand pump from Vila is made using high-quality plastic. This material is not only durable, but it is lightweight and easy to clear. The siphon kit includes a 9” hand pump, 15” syphon tube, 39” discharge tube, two hose connectors, one inlet, and one outlet nozzle, air pressure adapter and dipstick tube.

How do I use this syphon pump and tube?

Designed to quickly and easily transfer liquids from one location to another, the Vila manual pump kit is simple to connect and use. The pump attaches to the suction tube placed in the liquid to be transferred, and the discharge tube is placed into the liquid receptacle. Manually pump up and down on the piston-type pump, and the liquid begins to transfer. Liquid siphons to a lower level or pumps to a higher level with siphoning controlled by an air vent at the top of the pump.

What are some uses of the manual pump?

Commonly used as a multi-functional oil extractor or gasoline siphon system, the manual pump has many uses in the garage, on the road, and at home. Automotive shops use it to pump oil or fuel from a drum barrel into vehicles. It is great to have it in your trunk in case of automotive emergencies. Many household power tools, such as lawnmowers and hedge trimmers, need to be filled with oil and fuel.

With the manual siphon pump, you spend less time running to the gas station since you can easily fill your tanks at home. Those with rain barrels use the pump to water their gardens with the rainwater. It is also used to fill kiddie pools and even has a convenient air pump attachment. Apart from that, routine aquarium maintenance is handy when siphoning off water from the tank.

Are there liquids that should not be used in the Vila hand pump?

You may use the manual siphon pump while handling the following types of liquid - soaps, detergents, gasoline, light oil and petroleum products, diesel fuel, drinking water, kerosene, and toluene. Liquids that shouldn’t pass through the tubes are the concentrated caustic soda liquid, ethyl, phenol, acetone, benzene, and creosote.

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Vila Manual Fuel Transfer Pump, Portable Water, and Gas Siphon Pump Kit, Multi-use, Syphon Hand Pump for Gasoline, 15" Siphon Hose, Liquid Transfer for Automotive, Rain Barrels & Water Gardens


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