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Water Starter - Dechlorinate and Detoxify tap water of heavy metals and ammonia

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Reduce fish stress with Water Starter --- Dechlorinate and Detoxify tap water of heavy metals and ammonia - Aloe Vera extract promotes natural slime coat - Use during each water change or adding fish

  • DETOXIFIES TAP WATER --- Tap water contains many chemicals that harm fish. SunGrow Water Starter effectively neutralises heavy metals, rids of chlorine, chloramine and ammonia and other toxic metals like nitrites, and nitrates
  • CALMS & HEALS FISH DURING ROUTINE AQUARIUM MAINTENANCE --- Poor water quality or water change can create stress amongst your aquatic pets. But, with this fish stress buster, you can neutralise water so fishes feel calm in their new environment or during routine tank maintenance.
  • PREVENTS LOSS OF FISH SLIME COAT --- This 4 oz. solution is made with aloe vera which is known to promoting regeneration and healing of damaged tissue. It is safer than most chemical based water stabilizers. High-stress levels results in loss of slime coat and fishes become more vulnerable to contracting diseases. The aloevera water starter helps them to develop or replace a new slime coat for their protection.
  • EASY APPLICATION --- Simply add 1 cap (5 ml) of SunGrow Aquarium Water detoxifier to every 2 gallons of water. Use it while setting up an aquarium, changing or adding water, or when introducing a new fish into the aquarium. If you notice damaged skin or fins on your fish, double the dosage to help them repair their slime coat even faster. The bottle contains 4 Oz (120 ml) of liquid.
  • FOR FRESH & SALTWATER --- No matter what water your tank has, SunGrow Water dechlorinator is safe to use for both without affecting the pH level of your water. Use it after every water change. A definite must-have for every aquarium enthusiast.

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