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Vila Betta Food Grinder, Crusher and Dispenser for Food Pellets and Flakes, Adjustable Coarseness Level, Stainless Steel Body, Durable and Rust-Resistant

  • $4.95

  • ✔SALT/PEPPER CONTAINER THAT MAINTAINS FLAVOR AND FRESHNESS --- Versatile keeper of salt, pepper and other spices, Salt/Pepper Grinder by Vila was designed to keep flavor and freshness for a very long time. It has an airtight lid that keeps your spices out from moisture and dust between uses or during storage. It also features a non- corrosive grinder that doesn’t absorb flavors.
  • ✔NO–MESS, ADJUSTABLE GRINDING MECHANISM --- Its ceramic grinding mechanism is adjustable allowing you to control size grain of that sprinkle of salt and dust of black pepper from fine to coarse grind. It is also perfectly placed on top to ensure condiments will end up on food and not on the table.
  • ✔ FEATURES CLEAR ACRYLIC PORTION FOR EASY REFILL --- Spare yourself from the hassle of guessing game as to when it is time to refill your salt or pepper. Now, you can easily determine how much spices are left in the see-through acrylic portion of its body. This guarantees that you will never experience running out of stock again in the middle of a meal.
  • ✔PREMIUM & ELEGANT DINING TABLE ORNAMENT --- Stylish and contemporary, this salt/pepper miller deserves more than being in the kitchen. You can use this as a table enhancement as its high quality brushed stainless steel top and durable clear body will bring elegance to your dining table.
  • ✔EASY CLEANING --- Keeping the container bright new is easy as it is made of water and dustproof stainless steel cover lid and acrylic body. Just unscrew the bottom and you can use either a small cleaning brush or soap and wet water to clean before you use it for the first time or when you switch spices.

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