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Tropical Live Aquarium Windelov Plant with Suction Cup

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Tropical Live Aquarium Windelov Plant with Suction Cup --- Freshwater Aquatic Tank Decoration - Low to Moderate Light Plants - Rhizome Plants, Java Fern - Beginners Starter Plants, Fish Friendly

  • LOW-MAINTENANCE, EASY INSTALLATION --- Suitable across all levels of plant parenthood, Windeløvs love low lighting and carbon dioxide levels; thriving under minimal care and don’t require specific pH levels. The product comes with the sturdy suction cup. Just stick it to any fish tank wall and you are good to go.
  • SAFE AND FRIENDLY --- Perfect for you as long as you like and would like to have an aquatic plant! Living harmoniously with other marine life, the other fish won’t eat it despite its lack of defenses.
  • 100% LIVE PLANT GUARANTEE --- In the unlikely event that a Luffy product reaches you in a sub-optimal state, please contact us ASAP to ensure your satisfaction as a valued customer.
  • VERSATILE PLANT FOR ALL AGES --- No matter the experience, Windeløv ferns naturally suit all ages and genres of aquarium enthusiasts. Its low-maintenance is gentle with beginners, but they can also provide a challenge for intermediate plant carers to go further.
  • REPRODUCTIVE VALUE --- Watch your live water aquatic plant mature with opulence and style. It won’t take long! Keep them happy and healthy and be rewarded with not just companionship and fun for you and your underwater buddies, but with even more Windeløv plants!

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