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Super Absorbent, Leak-Proof Dono Pet Diapers (16 count) for Dogs & Cats (Pink color)

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Super Absorbent, Leak-Proof SunGrow Dono Pet Diapers (16 count) - Convenient, Environmental Friendly Disposable Pet diapers : Safe & Comfortable Fit for Dogs & Cats (Pink color)

  • GREAT FOR TRAVELLING WITH PETS --- We all have to go when the time comes, but there are few things worse than cleaning up loose excrement from an expensive narrow space thinking that it’s a part of life with a pet. Well, no more! SunGrow Dono Disposable Pet Diapers are the solution to saving you many headaches and bathroom breaks. They’re even perfect for female dogs in season, and pets with incontinence and excitable urination.
  • EXTRA-ABSORBENT, LEAK-PROOF --- Embodying the hygienic elements of macromolecule resin, all liquid waste instantaneously disappears into the soft body of the diaper, leaving no slimy proof for discomfort. A compressed pattern with garnered edges is the core of its anti-leakage function. Side leaks, back leaks, and front leaks are all taken care of, making sure that whatever happens in the diaper, stays in the diaper!
  • A PEACE OF MIND FOR SNUGGLE TIME --- Just because your doggy’s in a diaper means that close physical affection becomes a Don’t Do! SunGrow Dono Disposable Pet Diapers are made with anti-bacterial ingredients, halting bacterial growth and keeping all those nasty odors at bay. Rest assured with your pup on your lap that they’re as clean as you are!
  • DESIGNED FOR PET’s COMFORT --- You can stop the messes before they happen, but you can’t stop your pets from expressing themselves. With the physical traits of dogs and cats in mind, SunGrow Dono Disposable Pet Diapers made sure to include a tail hole in their diapers, retaining your furry friends’ full freedoms of tail-ownership while their junk is bundled, offering ease of movement and comfort.
  • EASY ON, EASY OFF --- These male or female Pet Diapers are highly adjustable, utilizing a Magic Tape system to fasten the diapers in place. Once you have the diaper on your pet, the Magic Tape won’t attach or pull onto your pet’s fur no matter how many times you readjust or re-attach the Tape. Safe, simple, and secure!

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