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SunGrow Ultra Bouncy Ball for Pets 3.5” Red Non-Toxic Rubber Ball

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SunGrow Ultra Bouncy Ball for Pets: Extremely Bite Resistant & Highly Durable: 3.5” Red Non-Toxic Rubber Ball for Dogs & Cats : Lasts 3 months & more, even with Chewers : Great for Teething Stage

  • DURABLE, CAN WITHSTAND EVEN THE TOUGHEST BITES --- Made from very strong and durable rubber, which will withstand even the toughest bites. If you’re fed up of punctured footballs, softballs and other toys lying around your yard, get SunGrow Ultra ball. It will last for years.
  • ENTERTAINMENT FOR HOURS --- Provides hours of playtime for your dog or cat. Enjoy playing fetch or leave your pet to play on their own. They will enjoy rolling, kicking, chewing and pouncing on this soft, bouncy ball.
  • BOND WITH YOUR PET--- What’s a better way to bond with your pet, than a good old game of Fetch? Get this Ultra ball today and spend some quality time with your dog.
  • DAILY EXERCISE WITH AN EXCITING GAME OF FETCH --- Throw your pet this Ultra Ball, for an exciting game of fetch. Your dog will enjoy as well as benefit from their daily exercise as they run after this bouncy ball.
  • NON-TOXIC & 100% SAFE, ESPECIALLY FOR TEETHING STAGE --- The SunGrow Ultra ball is made from 100% solid rubber. It is completely safe and non-toxic material for your dog or cat to safely chew on. We highly recommend it for Teething Dogs.

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