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SunGrow Lava Ledge (1 pc) - Pet Safe Pumice Chew Toy Healthy Teeth & Gums - Easy Install, Yellow Mineral Grinding Block Trim Nails - Volcanic Rock Perch Chinchillas, Rabbits, Hamsters & Parrots

  • $7.95

  • ✔ ALL NATURAL AND PET SAFE --- Created with all natural lava stone from volcanic rock, the SunGrow Lava Ledge is fun, entertaining and completely harmless to your pet, family and the environment. The charming yellow color of the pumice stone perch is created with 100% pet safe food coloring.
  • ✔ KEEPS BEAKS AND CLAWS TRIM --- Birds with big beaks and birds with small beaks, they all need to be kept healthy and smooth. Durable pumice lava stone helps keep beaks and claws naturally neat and trim. Also, providing your pet birds with something useful to peck at discourages negative behavior such as feather picking and biting.
  • ✔ SHARPENS AND CLEANS TEETH --- An essential part of being a pet rodent owner (such as chinchillas, gerbils, hamsters, rats and mice) is taking proper care of their teeth and gums. The soft, porous texture of the pumice lava stone is gentle enough to be chewed and strong enough to smooth and file down teeth preventing them from getting uncomfortably long.
  • ✔ ENTERTAINS AND EXERCISES YOUR PET --- Keeping your pet active alleviates boredom, provides exercise and promotes positive behavior. The lava ledge gives your furry friend something to chew, climb on and rest upon. Place multiple perches at different levels and watch your chinchilla happily jump from ledge to ledge.
  • ✔ ENCOURAGE CAUTIOUS PETS --- Some pets like older guinea pigs or a highly cautious hamster may need a little extra encouragement to interact with the SunGrow lava stone. To create an irresistible chinchilla chewing block, coat the pumice in peanut butter and give them a sniff. They will start grinding their teeth on the block in no time.

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