SunGrow Hermit Crab Indian Almond Leaves, 7 Inches Long, Dried Leaves for Added Humidity, Delicious Crab Treat and Source of Cellulose, Aids Recovery Process, 10 leaves, 30 packs

✔ HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS TREAT FOR CRABS --- In the wild, hermit crabs are scavengers and enjoy a wide range of food sources. They are omnivores which means they eat...
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  • ✔ HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS TREAT FOR CRABS --- In the wild, hermit crabs are scavengers and enjoy a wide range of food sources. They are omnivores which means they eat plants, leaves, seaweed, and fallen fruit. For the healthiest and happiest hermit crabs, provide your pets with a variety of delicious treats such as the much-loved hermit crab leaves from SunGrow.


  • ✔ RAW SOURCE OF BENEFICIAL CELLULOSE --- Adding the special hermit crab leaves to your pet’s terrarium is an excellent way of introducing the highly beneficial compound called cellulose. As your crabs nibble on the leaves, they ingest this cellulose which helps with digestion and makes their shells stronger and healthier.


  • ✔ IMPROVES HEALTH AND SPEEDS UP RECOVERY PROCESS --- These hardworking hermit crab leaves provide an unbelievable amount of benefits to your shelled pets. Along with being an excellent supplement to their diet, the vegetation maintains healthy, balanced pH levels and adds essential compounds needed for healing and recovering from sickness or disease.


  • ✔ RAW LEAVES FROM MOTHER EARTH --- All 10 of the special crab leaves from SunGrow are hand-picked and dried. Unlike bottled products that provide similar benefits, these high-quality leaves are good for your aquatic pets and plants. Since it is a raw product, the actual shapes and sizes may vary; however, each leaf is approximately 7 inches long.


  • ✔ ENJOYED BY MANY OTHER SPECIES --- Not only do hermit crabs love these fantastic dried leaves but so do other aquatic pets. Many species, such as shrimp, betta fish, snails and other fish that thrive in the brackish habitat love these multiple hermit crab leaves. These pets also love to nibble on them and use them as shelter.

Product Description

Ready to Use Upon Arrival

As soon as your 10 SunGrow Hermit Crab Leaves arrive, they are ready to be placed into your crabitat! Because these leaves are organic and natural, they do not need to be boiled risking the loss of beneficial nutrients. Simply drop the leaves directly into your tank, it’s that easy.

The dried leaves arrive intact and will float at first. As they absorb water, they soften and slowly sink to the bottom of your tank. Hermit crabs, snails, shrimp, and fish love to nibble on these soft and healthy delicious treats. The recommended dosage is 2 leaves for every 10 gallons of water. You may want to make adjustments depending on the desired pH level in your specific aquarium.

Naturally Keeps Humidity High

When it comes to the health of your pets, natural is always better. The organic leaves from SunGrow naturally provide a cozy, moist atmosphere that hermit crabs thrive in. Maintaining the appropriate humidity in your crabitat is crucial to the health and survival of your hermit crabs. The ideal climate is between 70% and 80% humidity. Hermit crab leaves increase and retains moisture keeping humidity levels high and your crabs healthy.

Key Selling Points:


  • All natural 7 inches long dried leaves
  • Provides essential nutrients and cellulose
  • Maintains humidity and pH levels
  • Safe for hermit crabs, snails, shrimp and fish


Perfect for Shelter and Climbing

Not only do the special leaves add a beautifully rustic look to your habitat’s decor, but they also add some dimension to your crabitat. Hermit crabs absolutely love to crawl around and climb onto anything in their tanks. The leaves are even light enough that crabs have been known to carry them around from place to place. Many aquatic pets enjoy hiding for various reasons from taking a nap or molting to simply being shy. The hermit crab leaves provide shelter for your pets to sleep under or get away during breeding.

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