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Collapsible Bucket with Storage Bag, Aquarium Water Change Pail, Outdoor water storage container for Camping, Hiking, Gardening, Space-Saving Packable pail for Car, RV, Fishing, Fruit Picking & More

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SunGrow Collapsible Aquarium Bucket - Use for Quarantining Sick Fish - Sick Bay Bucket - Great Bucket for Partial Water Changes - Collapsible, and Stores Flat to Save Space and Easy Storage

  • HOSPITAL BUCKET FOR SICK FISH OR NEW FISH --- Before you introduce any new fish into your tank, it is imperative to make sure they have no unwanted diseases or parasites. Leave your new fish inside this separate collapsible bucket to make sure they are completely healthy. Make sure the bucket is at the correct temperature and has a sponge filter if needed.
  • IDEAL BUCKET FOR WATER CHANGES --- When doing partial water change, you can use two of these buckets. One to prepare fresh water to add into your aquarium. The second one can be used to siphon off the unclean water and debris from your tank.
  • COLLAPSIBLE BUCKET SAVES SO MUCH SPACE--- This collapsible bucket folds into a completely flat shape. This is perfect for small homes, utility rooms or taking on camping trips. No more bulky buckets sitting around your home or garden.
  • STORE ALL YOUR AQUARIUM ACCESSORIES IN THIS BUCKET --- Many items are needed for regular maintenance of your tank. Have these tools ready by keeping them in this handy bucket. For instance our SunGrow algae scraper, shrimp nets, water starters, water change gloves and conditioners can all be placed into the bucket. Make sure you label the bucket as “AQUARIUM ONLY” to avoid any contamination. Never use the bucket for cleaning or add any other chemicals.
  • DURABLE AND LARGE CAPACITY --- This bucket can hold 7 litres/2 Gallons. This is perfect for doing a 10% water change in a 20 Gallon tank. The bucket is extremely strong yet lightweight , it also features a comfortable rubber handle that will not dig into your hands.

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