SunGrow Catappa Indian Almond Leaves, Tropical Rainforest Environment for Betta & Gouramis, Beneficial Leaf Turns Water Black & Boosts Health and Breeding, 300 pieces

✔ GIVE A NON-STRESS HOME TO YOUR BETTA --- When fish are given their native ambiance, they tend to grow stronger and heartier. By lowering pH, they provide ideal water...
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  • ✔ GIVE A NON-STRESS HOME TO YOUR BETTA --- When fish are given their native ambiance, they tend to grow stronger and heartier. By lowering pH, they provide ideal water conditions. The Indian Almond leaves are considered to have beneficial properties and increase fish appetite making them Non-stress.


  • ✔ HAVE A BREEDING PET? ADD CATAPPA --- The tropical fishes create bubble nest using a floating leaf or a plant to anchor their bubbles. So if your tank has breeding tetra, guppy, platies, molly, cichlids, shrimps, just add these leaves and see them anchoring their eggs over IAL. That is a sight to behold.


  • ✔ BENEFITS OTHER FISH & SNAILS TOO --- The tea water has many advantages for fishes like tetra, discus, and goldfish. It is good for rasboras and many dwarf cichlids too. Apart from that, snail owners can benefit from the magical leaves. Giving your fish this environment calms them down and boosts immunity. It also helps accelerate their healing rate, avoid fishes from getting ill easily, imparts color to them and makes their scales firmer.


  • ✔ GIANT LEAVES, EASIER PORTION CONTROL --- Each packet contains 10 leaves, which is a great value for money. Giant Catappa leaves make for easier portion control and a good way to slowly introduce your pet to a new environment especially for larger fishes in larger tanks.


  • ✔ ADDS BEAUTY TO NANO TANKS, SMALL BOWLS & JARS --- The Catappa leaves from SunGrow are unprocessed so you know what goes into your tank. They look pretty in a nano tank and adds aesthetic beauty to your planted tank. You may even add these in individual betta jars or bowls.


Product Description

Every hobbyist knows how tough it is to keep their fishes comfortable, healthy, and calm especially with smaller fish species. But, with SunGrow Almond leaves, you can sustain it. Shrimps, copepods, sparkling gouramis, cory cats, and, oscars love it. Some of them use it as a feeding dish. A few hide behind it and take turns sleeping in the shade of the leaf. Some will make a hammock out of it and sleep on top of it. Watch your mystery snail wear it as a hat.

As soon as you drop the leaves inside the aquarium, you'll notice your tank water browning after a few hours. This is fine as elements are being released into the water. Your tank water now has the right amount of elements and all the properties your fishes need. Remove the leaves when you see them disintegrating.

Always rinse before use, even after boiling or soaking. By the way, a "post-boil soak" in fresh water is a recommended step too. Although we obtain our products from known sources, you can never be too careful, and the extra step is worthwhile, in our opinion.

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