SunGrow Bird House with Ladder, Nesting Home and Bird Feeder, Mini Condo for Avians, Coco Texture Encourage Foot and Beak Exercise, 100% Raw Coconut Husk - Durable Habitat with Hanging Loop, 30 pcs

✔ PLASTIC FEEDERS ARE THING OF THE PAST! --- Say goodbye to your redundant old plastic models and get a stylish update in your backyard. This coconut shell bird house...
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  • ✔ PLASTIC FEEDERS ARE THING OF THE PAST! --- Say goodbye to your redundant old plastic models and get a stylish update in your backyard. This coconut shell bird house by SunGrow provides the perfect hollow space for placing treats and bird seed. Finches, sparrows, and robins will flock to this eco-friendly birdhouse.


  • ✔ YOUR PET NEEDS SHELTER FROM EXTREME TEMPERATURES --- The SunGrow Birdhouse is made from one of nature’s strongest materials ensuring its durability. It is the perfect shelter for your chirps even in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, this coconut shell bird house will never rust, unlike any other birdhouse. Also, its unprocessed composition makes it highly attractive to your pets. It is parrot’s favorite hideaway and a pair of lovebirds love sleeping inside it.


  • ✔ ASSISTS IN YOUR PET’S EXERCISE --- The rough wooden rope ladder and coconut fibers, provide a variety of textures which encourage foot and beak exercise of your bird. It will keep him/her healthy and active. Birds love crawling up and down the ladder. Watch your birds stand on the ladder and grabbing their treats from the hole inside.


  • ✔ 100% PET-SAFE AND UNPROCESSED PRODUCT --- The SunGrow Birdhouse is made from a real coconut husk, making it 100% safe for pets. Also, this tropical island inspired birdhouse will add an exotic vibe to your parakeet’s cage. As it is a raw product, it will also blend nicely into your garden, unlike plastic birdhouse models. This quality of the product makes it the perfect eco-friendly birdhouse for your feathery friend.


  • ✔ PERFECT SIZE FOR SMALL BIRDS --- On an average, the birdhouse has an opening diameter of 2.4 inches and the coconut shell diameter is about 5.1 inches. As these are raw products, the measurement can vary a bit though. It has enough room for avian species like finch, canary, songbird, hummingbird. Apart from these, flying squirrel, ferret, rat, mice, and hamster love this product.


Product Description

Why is it Important for Birds to do Foot and Beak Exercise?


In their natural habitat, birds are free to fly, walk and climb as much as they want to stay healthy. But for the birds who are a pet, it is up to their owner to provide them with toys and activities to keep them fit. This is especially important for your bird’s feet’s health. A bird that has no adequate exercise will most likely end up having problems with their feet. SunGrow’s Coco Bird House with Ladder helps them to maintain their feet healthy by exercising the smaller muscle group. It will encourage your parakeet to climb and enjoy a little rugged physical play.

Also, for their beak, birds should be given a variety of wooden toys to chew, dig and tap with their beaks to help keep their beaks trim. An overgrown beak is like an overgrown nail of a human being which can even hurt. Since it is a wooden product, they like to tap their beak, which helps them keep it in the perfect shape and size in the most natural ways.



Now Make your Dream of Bird-watching Come True!

Use the hollow carved out space to place bird seeds or treats. Enjoy a little bird watching in your own backyard, as some little-feathered friends gather for a tasty snack there.

Perfect for Both Outdoor and Indoor

The coconut husk by SunGrow is the perfect environment-friendly birdhouse for your garden. You can hang this both outdoor and indoor if you own a small bird such a parakeet or budgie. It includes a hanging loop and a rough wooden rope ladder for added stimulation and beauty.


SunGrow Pet Pro-Tip:

If in case your bird does not take to this product initially, use millet sprays to entice your birdie to enter into their new home!

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