SunGrow Aquarium Rocks and Powder, Enhances Shrimp's Color, Helps Shedding, Supplemental Food for Shrimps, Crayfish & Snails, Tasty Snack, 1.7 oz, 30 packs

MUST HAVE FOR GROWING SHRIMPS --- Are your shrimps losing color? Do they not look as healthy as before? Here is what you need - SunGrow Aquarium Rocks.   KEEP...
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  • MUST HAVE FOR GROWING SHRIMPS --- Are your shrimps losing color? Do they not look as healthy as before? Here is what you need - SunGrow Aquarium Rocks.


  • KEEP THEM HEALTHY AND HAPPY --- The freshwater Shrimps add vibrancy to your aquatic life and make great pets for both adults and kids alike. If you are breeding shrimps, this is a must-have product, especially Crystal red shrimps, Amano shrimps, and Ghost shrimps.


  • POWER PACKED FOOD --- These crustacean decapods love munching on the calcium-rich SunGrow rocks.


  • RUSTIC DECOR --- The applications of these rocks by SunGrow don’t just stop here! You can even make use of them in home furnishing by placing them in all the corners of a square or rectangular mirror. Else, place these on the center table of your living room in a bowl filled with water along with a few colored pebbles, marimos, and other plants.


  • VALUE FOR MONEY --- Every pack contains around 4 big rocks (1-1.2 inches on an average), and a few smaller rocks, surrounded by rock powder. One pack is enough for a 28-gallon tank and lasts 3 months. So it's not at all heavy on your pocket. They are small and take very little space. So they are great for your nano tanks, fish bowls and jars too!

Product Description

Aquariums are primarily miniature of underwater life and maintaining one requires precise management for the living creatures inside. One of the popular fishes that aquarists love to keep as pets is vibrantly colored Betta Fish or Siamese Fighting Fish. Aside from being a real eye-catcher, they also do very well in captivity and people find their aggression quite entertaining. Knowing what makes them happy and healthy is basically all that it takes to properly take care of one.

You should also be aware of the things that are good and bad for these brightly colored fish. This includes what you put inside their habitat. Hideout places are necessary so that Bettas will feel secure so it will be very helpful if you include SunGrow Mineral Rocks as your aquarium ornament as they can also serve as hideout places. Each pack has 3-6 pieces that weigh about 2-oz. (60 grams) with an estimated size of 0.5” each. These are ideal for creating benches, archways, walkways, caverns, and others. More than the obvious beautification benefit; it also helps keep your Fighting Fish in good physical and mental condition. It helps create a stimulating and familiar environment for them.

Sanitizing these rocks and other decors are essential in maintaining an ideal tank for your Betta fish. It is best that this should be done prior to including them in your tank and during regular maintenance. Here are some helpful SunGrow Pro Tips to guide you:

  • Wash thoroughly with hot water to eliminate dust.
  • Use distilled vinegar to increase sanitizing power and to get rid of stubborn stains and smell.
  • Use bleach that is free of detergents and perfume. Add 1 cup to 9 cups of water and this creates another powerful mixture. However, please do not let it stay on any aquarium or any ornament(s).
  • Rinse the surface with water so that there will be no traces of bleach that will be left behind.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions: 0.5” (h)

Quantity: 3-6 pcs per pack (may vary)

Weight: 2-Ounce


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