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SunGrow Mini Catappa Almond Leaves for Fishes, 2 Inches, Replicate Natural Habitat for Betta and Improve Well-Being, Heals and Lessen Stress, Add 1 Piece Per Water Change, 50 Pack

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  • ✔ SIMULATES BREEDING ENVIRONMENT FOR SHRIMP --- Several breeds of shrimp have habitats in mountain streams surrounded by overhanging trees and brush, making the area abundant in fallen leaves and plant debris. Adding Shrimp leaves to their tank simulates their environment and gives them the privacy to encourage a thriving breeding habitat. A must-have for all shrimp breeders, these provide a secure shelter for adult shrimp and a convenient hiding spot for baby shrimp.
  • ✔ DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS TREAT FOR YOUR SHRIMP --- A few days after you place the shrimp leaves in the tank, they will slowly sink to the bottom. As they sink, they soften on which shrimp love to graze on. The nutritious food provides a balanced diet and protein and aids in building your shrimp’s immune system. Shrimp love this delicious treat and will eat the leaves right down to the skeleton.
  • ✔ RAW SHRIMP LEAVES --- For the most beneficial addition to your shrimp tank, the SunGrow Shrimp Leaves are the purest and a healthy choice. While products available in the market may or may not be genuine, the Giant catappa leaves are unprocessed. They vary in size with lengths of 1-2”. If you have a smaller tank or varying size tanks, you can tear up the larger leaves into smaller pieces.
  • ✔ A MUST-HAVE FOR SHRIMP KEEPERS --- These Indian Almond leaves are essential in keeping your shrimp healthy and happy. These leaves have beneficial properties that help in calming your shrimp (particularly important if you are introducing more or moving them).
  • ✔ HANDPICKED FOR OPTIMUM QUALITY --- If you pick the leaves outside, you cannot be sure of the quality they might have. The catappa leaves are guaranteed to be genuine. PREPARATION: Before placing the product in the aquarium, rinse before use, even after boiling or soaking. A "post-boil soak" in fresh water is a recommended step, too.


These must-have leaves are preferred for bubble nests for tropical fish and anchoring their eggs. Your fish, frogs, and shrimp will love hiding under them and pushing them around. Your pets will perk up with interest when you surprise them with these leaves. Best of all, these leaves don’t require any sunlight or a special substrate.

How Many Leaves Will I Get?

You will receive approx fifty catappa leaves. This is a raw product and each leaf is unique in size, shape, and shade. These amazing leaves will be approximately 2” or 5 cm in length, ideal size for shrimp tanks. This generous and economic package will make keeping your water and shrimps happy a breeze.

How Do I Prepare The Leaves For My Tank?

The Indian Almond leaf needs zero maintenance and very little prep before going into your aquarium. For optimal results, rinse the catappa leaves and then boil them for ten minutes. That’s it, your zero-effort water conditioning leaves are ready to decorate your tank.

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