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Shirakura Juvenile Shrimp Food for 2-4 months old Shrimps

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Baby Shrimp Food -- Triple Survival rate of Baby Shrimp - Only 1 in 10 baby shrimp reach Adulthood - Micro-organism powder for Complete Nutrition and Immune Support
  • A FOOD FOR YOUR JUVENILE SHRIMPS --- Just like a human being’s toddler, the post-larva shrimp too needs special care and attention to turn into healthy juvenile. Shirakura food for juveniles is full of essential nutrients and amino acids that are requisites for their future growth and reproduction. The soft pellets are easier to break into smaller pieces and eat.
  • LADEN WITH BEST INGREDIENTS FOR YOUR JUVENILE --- The soft shrimp juvenile food is made of chlorella which stimulates their immune system and imparts color. Spirulina is rich in Vitamin B12 and protein which aids in their reproduction. A rich source of iron and calcium is the seaweed that triples their lifespan. The natural vitamins and minerals promotes their development.
  • DOES NOT CAUSE POLLUTION IN WATER --- The pellets are soft, yet hard enough that it doesn’t break down to smaller invisible shreds. It retains its hard shape and you can easily take the unfinished food out. The soft texture of the herbal food makes it easy for shrimp to pick apart and eat. Even then it won’t disintegrate and cause pollution in the water.
  • NUTRITION FOR MICROORGANISMS --- The food not only serves as nutrition for young shrimp but also nourishes beneficial microorganisms in the tank. This will provide your shrimp with essential animal protein which further their growth and development.
  • DEVELOPED BY EXPERTS--- Takayuki Shirakura developed this special rearing feed formula, that feeds the shrimp and microorganisms. He is the leading Red Bee Shrimp Breeder in Japan who is credited to raise the most beautiful shrimps.

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