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Rope Ball Chew toy for Cats, Kittens and other pets by SunGrow

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Rope Ball Chew toy for Cats, Kittens and other pets by SunGrow - Made of 100% natural cotton - Cleans teeth & massages Cat’s gums: Machine washable - Completely safe & Suitable for all Sizes & Ages

  •  INTERACTIVE, FUN TOY THAT KEEPS CAT’S AWAY FROM BOREDOM --- When your little feline is bored with no external stimuli, she get into all kinds of trouble and just go around the house knocking, chasing, running and chewing into just about anything she sees. So give your furry friend the gift of 3 Pcs Rope Balls by SunGrow to keep her busy. These rope balls will help your pet's’ total well-being and improve erratic behaviors.
  • DENTAL TREATS FOR HEALTHY TEETH AND GUMS --- These cotton chew toys will not only make your kittens occupied, but will also help them to have healthier gums and teeth. Once chewed, it serves as a toothbrush that scrapes away plaque that can lead to dental hygiene problems such as gum disease. If your teething little kitty is experiencing pain, these balls for complete oral care can provide relief in their aching gums. They will also have fresher breath and develop stronger jaws.
  • SAVES HOUSEHOLD ITEMS FROM BEING CHEWED & RUINED --- Chewing is a natural behavior of your fur pets. They tend to find things within their environment where they can get their teeth on and your well-loved furniture is not an exemption. As pet parents, we should be aware that this might be dangerous for them.To minimize and even totally eradicate this, give them an outlet for their natural inclination. Give them these natural play balls as these are safe and designed especially for chewing.
  • NON-TOXIC, SAFE AND DURABLE TOYS --- Made from 100% natural Cotton Material, Rope toys by SunGrow is guaranteed safe for your pets. It doesn’t contains toxic, chemical nor plastic elements and will not cause danger, not even if your pets accidentally swallows some fibers. It will not block their digestive tract.
  • EASY TO WASH --- These colourful rope balls are machine washable and are very easy to clean. Wash these soft toys on a gentle cycle. You may or may not use detergent. Once done, dry on low heat for about 30 minutes or you can also just air dry them.

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