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Rhinox Easy CO2 Tablets – 36 Pills per pack

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Rhinox Easy CO2 Tablets – Make Your Aquarium Plants Beautiful & Healthy - Economical, Toxin-Free, Savvy Carbon Dioxide Supplement for Fish and Planted Tanks - 36 Pills per pack

  • SAVES YOU TIME AND STRESS – There’s no need to trouble yourself with making one of those DIY yeast bottles or anything else for treatment! The tablets are effortless in their implementation. After receiving your Rhinox pack, just drop two tablets into your aquarium and that’s it! No time-consuming set ups, no fuss, and no mess—you’ll have more time to have fun with your aquatic hobby instead of grumbling over the upkeep.
  • DELIGHTFULLY EASY ON THE WALLET – Rhinox’s CO2 Easy Tablets are sweetly economical by eliminating the need to purchase a pressurized CO2 tank (unnecessary for a small aquarium anyway), saving you more than just the lives in your aquarium!
  • EFFECTIVE CARBON DIOXIDE SUPPLEMENT –These tablets provide carbon dioxide for aquatic plants that may have been deficient in the essential compound in order to perform photosynthesis well. Making sure your aquarium greens get enough of all the nutrients they need will ensure they get healthy, strong, and thriving amongst your fishy friends. Proven to work quickly with great results, you can literally watch your tank transform before your eyes with the proper nourishment.
  • COMPACT AND COMES IN CONVENIENT 36-TABLET PACK – Rhinox Easy CO2 Tablets come to you in a generous pack of 36; enough for you to get a good deal and try them out well, but not too many that there’ll be piles lying around should you decide you don’t like them. Only a ½-inch wide in diameter, they won’t take up space in your tank at all.
  • ECONOMICALLY-FRIENDLY AND 100% SAFE – Produced with no nasties or dishonest ingredients, Rhinox Easy CO2 Tablets are toxin and pollutant free. These tablets gently nourish and heal your aquatic plants while being friendly to your pet fishes. And to top it all off, they won’t pollute your tank!

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