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Rhinox CO2 Diffuser Works best with High Pressurized CO2 tank

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Rhinox CO2 Diffuser -- Keeps aquarium plants healthy with CO2 injection - 3-minutes to setup - Works best with High Pressurized CO2 tank - Not for DIY Yeast 

  • AN INDISPENSABLE TOOL FOR CREATING A GOOD CO2 SYSTEM IN YOUR TANK --- Correct CO2 levels is one crucial element that you need when setting up a tank. A robust drop or overdose may put your aquatic plants and pets at risk. In order to prevent such incident to happen, you need to set up Rhinox Bubble Counter that helps you precisely monitor co2 injected in the tank.
  • KEEPS YOUR GROWING AQUATIC PLANTS HEALTHY --- One should not take for granted the importance of a good CO2 system installed in your tank. Plants and Fish cohabit in one environment and good balance should be maintained. These plants use the carbon dioxide that fish exhales to keep them healthy and appear looking pale while the plants are being used by fish for shade and nutrition.
  • MAKES FISH LIVE LONGER --- Too much of something is dangerous and this also holds true with the amount of Carbon Dioxide inside your tank. Excessive CO2 in water adds toxicity level and affects negatively in the tank’s atmospheric equilibrium while lack of it may not only harm your fish, it can even cause death. All these tragedies can be avoided by setting up a bubble counter as it helps to keep the CO2 at moderate levels in the tank.
  • CONTROLS ALGAE GROWTH --- Algae creates unhealthy environment to your aquatic plants and fish as these can cause diseases. Carbon dioxide promotes algae growth and also leads to excessive ammonia which is not safe for fish. Installing a Rhinox Bubble Counter can monitor levels of carbon dioxide that helps prevent all these dangerous situations.
  • EASY TO SET-UP --- Counter must be filled with water. Join together CO2 tubing and counter inlet. You will notice that CO2 gas from the pipe will make bubbles in the water. To calculate CO2 level, count the number of bubbles per second. This can also be placed outside the tank by using the suction cups (included in the set) to attach it on the aquarium’s wall. Size: 1 inch (diameter) x 5 inches (height)

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