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Rhinox Aquarium Oxygen Air Pump - With 2 Air stones, 2 Silicone Tubes

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Rhinox Aquarium Oxygen Air Pump - With 2 Air stones, 2 Silicone Tubes - 5W Aerator Powers 2 Small and Medium-sized Fish Tanks - Supports Marine & Freshwater tanks - Eliminates Water St

  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE AIR PUMP ENSURES A HEALTHY AQUARIUM --- The Rhinox Air Pump absorbs the outside air and sends it inside the tank via an outlet. Due to this, the aquarium gets oxygenated water which keeps the marine life healthy. It is perfect for aquaculture oxygenation, high-grade aquarium, and spout decoration. It helps to make the environment healthy for your fish.
  • DUAL PUMP OXYGENATES TWO FISH TANKS SIMULTANEOUSLY --- SunGrow Aquarium Air Pump is equipped with a dual-headed pump which is attached to two vents. With these two vents and along with regulating valves, you can control the airflow hassle-free and can supply oxygen to two aquarium tanks simultaneously. The fish in the tank gets to breathe fresh, oxygenated air.SunGrow
  • LONG LIFE, SILENT & CONSUMES LESS POWER --- With help of this air pump, you can use the two air stones separately in two different tanks at the same time, yet you will receive reduced electricity bill. The outlet hole big enough to allow steady air seep in. The anti-slippery rubber of pump effectively reduces the noise caused by working and vibration. You can let the air pump run even at night and it won’t disturb your sleep because the sound produced is lower than library noise.
  • AESTHETICALLY APPEALING AND PRACTICAL DESIGN --- The SunGrow Air Pump comes with an adjustable regulating valve. You can adjust the amount of oxygen supplemented in each tank with help of it. When you add tubing and air stones to it, they carry the oxygen and later that is released into the water in the form of bubbles. Thus the unwanted carbon dioxide is removed from the aquarium without any inconvenience.

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