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Rhinox CO2 Diffuser - Works best with High Pressurized CO2 tank

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Rhinox CO2 Diffuser -- Keeps aquarium plants healthy with CO2 injection - 3-minutes to setup - Works best with High Pressurized CO2 tank - Not for DIY Yeast

  • PROVIDE MUCH NEEDED CO2 TO PLANTS --- The Rhinox 5000 CO2 Diffuser is the ideal solution for supplying aquarium plants with the carbon dioxide they need. By creating a CO2-rich, plant-friendly environment, it ensures hydrophytes better nutrition and health. With the highest surface area per volume ratio, CO2 can easily dissolve here.
  • BEST MATERIAL & ERGONOMIC DESIGN --- The Rhinox’s intelligent design team employ the latest technology and the best material for maximum performance. Its ceramic diffuser disc has atomic pores on its surface, producing fine bubbles that rise slowly and ensure efficient diffusion of carbon dioxide in the tank. What’s more, the reactor’s cylindrical shape contributes to slowing down water speed, thus giving bubbles even more time to disperse their CO2 before rising to the surface.
  • LARGEST SURFACE AREA IN RHINOX SERIES --- Rhinox 5000 has the largest surface area among Rhinox series of CO2 diffusers. What’s more, its gurgling effusion of bubbles adds an element of vitality, interest and movement to the aquarium – for livestock and humans alike. It also results in a better, healthier and more stimulating habitat for livestock and helps prevent the buildup of harmful algae.
  • EASY INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE --- With minimal parts, the Rhinox 5000 is easy to assemble, install and operate, and pleasingly low maintenance. Thanks to a suction cup (included), which stabilizes diffuser to tank wall, installation is not only straightforward, but adjustable as well. Furthermore, it is compatible with pressurized tanks that have a minimum injection rate of 5 bubbles per second. Please note that it’s not suitable with DIY yeast bottles.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY --- High quality, high performance and high aesthetics coupled with low maintenance and low cost make the Rhinox 5000 the best value for money among CO2 diffusers of its class. The diameter of the diffuser is approx 2”.

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