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Reptile Tank Heater Pad --- Helps Achieve Appropriate Tank’s Temperature Level

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Reptile Tank Heater Pad --- Helps Achieve Appropriate Tank’s Temperature Level - 24-Hour Under Tank Terrarium Heating Mat

  • Helps Provide Appropriate Temperature To Your Reptile Pets --- Being cold-blooded animals, reptiles rely so much on external temperatures to regulate their body temperature. Reptile Tank Heater by SunGrow helps in meeting the specific heat needs of your reptile pets to keep them healthy.
  • Excellent Secondary Heat Source For Tropical Or Temperate Reptiles --- This heating tank can sustain continuous use of round the clock heating of reptile habitats even up to 24 hours usage. A perfect secondary heat source for reptiles’ habitat that need temperate or tropical heating such as spiders, hermit crabs, monitors and large snakes.
  • Uses Solid-State Nichrome Heating Element --- Inside a durable rubber casing of this heating pad is a solid-state nichrome heating element which can sustain even extremely high temperatures.
  • Adheres To Your Terrarium For A Long Period --- Once the adhesive side of the reptile tank heater thermostat is used to attach it to an enclosure or tank, it can adhere for a long period of time because it is extremely hard to remove.
  • Easy Set-Up Guidelines --- This heating tank measures 5.9” (width) x 7” (length) and can be placed underneath the tank or on the side. It is recommended that you place the temperature controller pet mat on the outside of the tank. Should you decide to place it on the tank’s underside, ensure to elevate the tank slightly using the included “bump-on feet”. This is necessary to prevent heat encapsulation.

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