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Reptile Mesh Hammock by SunGrow

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Reptile Mesh Hammock by SunGrow -- Reduces Stress level of Lizards and Chameleon - 14.5” long outlet for interesting activities for pythons and tortoise - Sturdy design - 3 Suction cups included

  • PROVIDES PROPER RESTING AND REDUCES STRESS --- Hammock serves as a good hiding and resting place for reptiles. Having this, they will feel safe and secure thus stress levels are lower with stronger immune system. Stressed reptiles may have weak immune system and cannot fight infections. This may result in loss of appetite which can lessen their activity and increase susceptibility to disease.
  • KEEPS THE REPTILES ACTIVE AND INTERESTED --- Watch your herps show some interesting moves when you add this hammock to their habitat. When they get used to it, reptiles will begin to discover more of what they are capable of. See them explore, climb and even jump.
  • YOUR PET IS SAFE IN HAMMOCK MESH --- 14.5 inch mesh triangle hammock that is made from nylon, creates a reachable elevation for your pets. As nylon is known for its strength, you don’t have to worry about loose strings that can cause danger to your herps. It also comes with three suction cups to keep it in place.
  • A FUNCTIONAL DÉCOR, PROVIDES SPACE AND STYLE BOTH --- Providing naturalistic habitat for your reptile pets need two key considerations: it’s good for your pet and it’s good for your eyes. The first one being essential, hammocks in the terrarium you are setting up, is an absolute must-have. Not only it looks cool, it also provides more space, as it utilizes unused space. SunGrow Mesh Reptile Hammock gives an additional and higher level of more reptile fun…literally & figuratively.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SIZES AND TYPES OF TERRARIUMS --- This hammock can be used with any terrarium type. It is compatible with terrariums which are made of glass, plastic or acrylic.

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