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SunGrow Water Bottle, No Drip Pet Dispenser Bottle, Secure Nozzle and Stainless Steel Drinking Head, Easy to Install in Cage or Crate

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Pretty Purple Pet Water Dispenser Bottle by SunGrow - BPA free, Rust proof, Leak proof - Dripless stainless steel pipe - Keep puppies, cats, bunnies and other small animals hydrated: Easy to Install

  • KEEPS YOUR PETS HYDRATED--- If you are leaving your small puppies or chinchillas, bunnies or guinea pigs, at home for a few hours, this water bottle is a MUST for you. This 10 oz water bottle ensures that your pets stay hydrated while you are away.
  • PROVIDE YOUR PRECIOUS PETS ONLY CLEAN WATER--- Are you fed up of your puppies knocking over their drinking bowls? Fed up of dirty water that gets really nasty and needs changing every few hours? This pet water bottle is the perfect solution for providing clean and fresh water for your pets all day long!
  • COMFORTABLE FOR SMALL PETS TO DRINK--- The stainless steel drinking head of the SunGrow bottle has a small roller ball that makes it easy for your pets to drink their fill without too much effort. The 0.3” nozzle size is ideal for cats, puppies, chinchillas, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits and small dogs. It’s mess free and completely chew proof as well.
  • LEAK PROOF NOZZLE & STAINLESS STEEL DRINKING HEAD--- Our SunGrow BPA free pet water bottle has a completely leak proof nozzle. This prevents any dripping on your floors or dampness on the floor of your pets cage. The stainless steel drinking head will never rust and will not pollute the water in anyway. Additionally, the stainless steel pipe and nozzle prevent your pet from chewing up the drinking head.
  • EASY TO INSTALL & EASY TO REFILL--- The SunGrow pet crate water bottle is simple and easy to install. A user-friendly screw-on bracket can be attached to your pets’ crate or cage. You can also nail the bracket to a wall or onto wood. Simply snap the pet crate water bottle off the bracket, no need to unscrew the whole thing. Rinse, refill and reattach to the bracket.

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