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Oxygenate Water with Philippine Fern Bamboo Tree

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Oxygenate Water with Philippine Fern Bamboo Tree - Live Aquatic Plant - Provides Natural Environment for Your Fish - Add Bright Green Color to Your Aquascape - Beautiful Aquarium Fern

  • PROVIDES HIDING PLACES AND INTEREST FOR YOUR FISH--- Place this plant in a breeding tank, as it can provide biofilm, hiding places, and security for young fish. House fish, snails, dwarf shrimp, guppy and even betta fish will enjoy swimming in and out of the long leaves.
  • LUCKY BAMBOO FOR POSITIVE ENERGY --- This species of bamboo originates in Southern Asia. Lucky Bamboo has now made its way into Western Culture and has transformed homes and offices into spaces of good energy. Both Bamboo and fern provides health and healing benefits. With Philippine Fern Bamboo Tree, get the benefit of two at the price of one.
  • EASY TO PROPAGATE --- The Philippine Fern with Bamboo has very good plant growth and easy to propagate.Leaves that develop into a stalk can be clipped at their base and then placed in distilled water to grow more bamboo. They grow well when anchored onto rocks or as a floating plant and are a favorite of guppy breeders.
  • LOW-MAINTENANCE? THIS IS THE RIGHT PLANT FOR YOUR TANK --- These lush aquarium bamboo ferns do not require any special lighting or additional C02 . Simply tie onto some driftwood or rocks and watch them take root and thrive.
  • ADD A TINGE OF GREEN TO YOUR AQUASCAPE--- This lush green tree fern will enhance your aquarium and create a wonderful natural habitat for your fish and marine life. They are a beautiful light green colored with deeply cut fronds that grow at quite a fast rate.

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