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Orchid Spray Fertilizer - Plant Food Mist

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Orchid Spray Fertilizer --- Plant Food Mist - Enhances Growth, Provides Food, Nutrients and Moisture - No Mixing or Diluting Needed, Ready to Use Formula - For Indoor Potted Plants & Terrariums

  • ENHANCE THE GROWTH OF YOUR PLANTS --- The nutrient rich formula, orchid plant food mist by SunGrow will help to give your orchid plants that coveted deep rich leaf color, beautiful flowering blooms and strong roots. The solution is developed by the scientists of Michigan State University.
  • PROVIDE ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS FOR YOUR ORCHIDS --- In order for your orchid plants to grow and flower properly you need to provide them with essential nutrients. The water-soluble fertilizer by Sugrow contains all the micronutrients and macronutrients needed by orchids. This is not a generic plant fertilizer but especially formulated for orchids.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED FORMULA FOR EFFECTIVENESS --- No matter what variety of orchid or bromeliads you have, they will benefit from this scientifically proven orchid fertilizer. Michigan State University has studied and tested the combination of ingredients and their efficacy in helping your orchids thrive and grow. Additionally, unlike pellets, a spray will deliver the plant food to your orchid at an even rate.
  • APPLY TO ROOTS AND PLANT MEDIA ONCE PER WEEK --- Simply spray your orchids with the Sungrow Orchid Fertilizer Spray once per week. You can do this following your plants watering schedule. This will ensure that your orchids remain healthy and will grow beautiful flowers once they have sufficient nutrients. Make sure you do not spray the leaves at the bottom of the plants as this can kill the leaves.
  • EASY TO USE SPRAY BOTTLE --- No need to mix, dilute or measure your own orchid food fertilizer. Just use this readymade spray bottle to gently mist over your beautiful orchid plant. The bottle is slim and easy to hold. The spray fertilizer for orchids also has lock to ensure that children cannot accidentally play or start spraying the bottle.

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