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Eco-friendly Hermit Crab hut -- Pet-safe arthropod's hideout - Natural, spacious Coco tunnel - Maximum Privacy, Ideal breeding ground - Encourages physical activity - Use as hermit cave or climber

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Pattern Name:Hermit Hut

Natural SunGrow Connectable Coco Tunnel Hut for Spiders & Hermit crabs : Large Comfy space for Lizards : Organic Non-Toxic Hideout: Beautify Terrarium, Vivarium, Reptile tank, Aquarium or 'Crabitat'

This natural and sustainable SunGrow hut will make the perfect addition to your aquarium or reptile tank.

  • LARGE SPACIOUS TUNNEL HIDEOUT---The large space of this coconut husk (5 x 3 inches) provides a cozy and warm environment for your Hermit crab, Spiders or Lizards to hide in. A tunnel made of the coco huts makes a big, dark comfortable shelter, giving your crab a sense of privacy and security.
  • PLAY CRAB IN A TUNNEL WITH SUNGROW HUTS --- Put a few coco huts on the floor and let your crab do some brain-exercise with it. Note how his speed of crossing the tunnel increases with regular practice.
  • ORGANIC: NON-TOXIC COCONUT HUSK --- The SunGrow hut is a 100% natural, non-toxic product. Its organic composition ensures that it is safe for all your pets, unlike plastic models which often contain harmful chemicals.
  • MULTIPURPOSE SHELTER & CLIMBING HILL--- The SunGrow Cocohut has two entranceways and a hole on top, so it can be used as both hideout and a tunnel. Additionally, hermit crabs will enjoy crawling and climbing on top of the textured surface of the Cocohut.
  • CREATE NATURAL BEAUTY--- The natural coconut tunnel hideaway will blend beautifully in with your terrarium or reptile tank. It will simulate a natural environment, to create the perfect crabitat for your spiders and hermit crabs.

Always rinse before use, even after boiling or soaking. By the way, a ""post-boil soak"" in fresh water with a bag of activated carbon is a recommended step too. Although we obtain our products from sources known to be free of pollution, impurities, and pesticides, you can never be too careful, and the extra step is worthwhile, in our opinion. Please note, as this is a natural product, the dimensions may vary slightly piece to piece.


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