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Natural Driftwood, 5-pieces of 3” to 12” various lengths: For aquarium decoration & crafting

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SunGrow Natural Driftwood, 5-pieces of 3” to 12” various lengths: For aquarium decoration and crafting

  • NATURAL DRIFTWOOD --- 5-pieces of dark, natural driftwood. Collected from their natural environment and comes in a variety of lengths from 3 to 12 inches in length. Driftwood is known to release tannins that calm fish. It is also perfect for decorating tanks, and anchoring plants as it is an all natural item and unlike other unnatural decor items, driftwood is very beneficial for aquatic pets. In an aquarium dense with plants, driftwood tends to enhance the amount of available oxygen dissolved.
  • GREAT FOR PETS --- SunGrow Natural Driftwood is not only used to beautify tanks. Reptile owners use these natural driftwood to prop up areas that their pets love to stay to bask in. Natural driftwood also helps to become connective paths for pets like lizards, frogs, terrapins, crabs, hamsters or spiders. Reptiles love the dark, natural color of driftwood and its natural ability to sink in water without scratching the glass of a tank bottom.
  • DECORATIVE --- SunGrow Natural Driftwood is the perfect choice for pet owners who wish to decorate their reptile or aquatic tanks. It complements any style from rustic to naturalistic.
  • PROPERLY CLEANED --- Every piece of SunGrow Natural Driftwood is carefully cleaned and ridded of chemicals, spores, algae and bugs, sanded down to be free of splinters. They are safe and ready to be added into your pet’s tank, or used as a material in arts or crafts.
  • BEAUTIFUL FINISH --- SunGrow Natural Driftwood has a beautiful rustic finish. Because it is softwood, it is a favorite item of many DIY crafting enthusiasts who carve, paint, drill and piece together many creations from them.

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