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SunGrow Betta Small Sea Fan, Dramatic Piece of Aquarium Décor, Great for Fish Tanks, Terrariums, Plant Tanks, Art Projects, Wall Decor

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Natural Aquarium Sea Fan by SunGrow --- Dramatic Piece of Aquarium Décor - Very Strong & Unbendable Sea Willow - Great for Fish Tanks, Terrariums, Plant Tanks, Art Projects, & Wall Decor

  • NATURAL AQUARIUM SEA FAN --- The beautiful sea fans are like soft coral. They anchor themselves on the depths of the ocean floor to mud or sand, as opposed to other coral that Is attached to hard substrates or coral reefs. The SunGrow Sea Fan has not been altered in any way from its natural appearance. Size is approx. 6“ by 6”, ideal for any nano or small fish tank.
  • WILL NOT DECAY IN WATER --- You can fully submerge this sea fan into water without worrying. It will NOT rot or decay in your aquarium. Having found its origins in deep oceanic water, the sea fan will not get harmed by water in your fish tank.
  • STUNNING DÉCOR FOR AQUARIUM --- Make a statement in your aquarium with this natural coral sea fan. It is a dramatic piece and will create the look of a natural sea bed. Because of its Willow-like appearance, it’s also called Sea Willow.
  • MULTIPLE USES --- You can use this unique SunGrow sea fan to decorate terrariums, fairy aquariums or even place on a bookshelf or mantle piece. Let your creative juice flow and create a stunning wall decor with this utterly gorgeous sea fan. The choice is yours!
  • VERY HARD AND STRONG--- Although it may look delicate, the branches of this coral sea fan are very tough and strong. You will find it difficult to snap or break this sea fan.

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