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SunGrow Mini Catappa Almond Leaves for Fishes, 2 Inches, Replicate Natural Habitat for Betta and Improve Well-Being, Heals and Lessen Stress, Add 1 Piece Per Water Change, 50 Pack

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Mini Catappa Leaves - Best way to create Tropical rainforest environment for Betta & Gouramis - Beneficial Leaf tannin turns water black, lowers pH naturally - Boosts health and breeding chances

  • ORGANIC, MINI CATAPPA LEAVES --- SunGrow Mini Catappa leaves are hand picked just before they fall. Each leaf is handpicked just hours before shipment to ensure they are of premium grade and free from bugs and fungus when it gets to you.
  • HAVE A BREEDING FISH? ADD CATAPPA --- The tropical fishes create bubble nest using a floating leaf or plant to anchor their bubbles. So if your tank has a breeding betta, tetra, guppy, gourami, platies, molly, just add these leaves and see them laying their eggs over the nest. That is a sight to behold.
  • NATURAL HOMELY ENVIRONMENT FOR FISH --- Blackwater, or tannin-rich water has many great benefits for fishes like tetra, discus, and goldfish. It may turn the water black initially, but gives natural water condition to them. So placing your fish in such water calms them down and boosts immunity. It also helps accelerate their natural healing rate, prevents fishes from getting ill easily, imparts color to them and make their skin firmer. Blackwater also has anti-fungal properties.
  • SMALLER LEAVES, EASIER PORTION CONTROL --- Each packet contains 50 leaves, which is great value for money. Smaller Catappa leaves makes for easier portion control and a good way to slowly introduce tannin-rich water especially for smaller fishes in smaller tanks.
  • SAFE WAY TO ADD TANNINS TO WATER --- Unlike bottled tannins-assimilator that may contain preservatives, chemicals and even colouring, the Catappa leaves are organic so you know what goes into your tank. Simply drop a few leaves into the water and you’ll notice the water turning brown (or yellow) in just a few hours. Remove only when the leaves start to disintegrate.

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