Meric Timothy Sticks, High Fiber Timothy Grass Powder Sticks, Promotes Dental Hygiene and Supports Digestive Health, 20-Pieces

✔SUPPORTS DENTAL HEALTH OF GUINEA PIGS, RABBITS, HAMSTERS --- A chew treat with crunchy texture, Timothy Sticks by Meric aids in providing good dental hygiene to your small pets through...
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  • ✔SUPPORTS DENTAL HEALTH OF GUINEA PIGS, RABBITS, HAMSTERS --- A chew treat with crunchy texture, Timothy Sticks by Meric aids in providing good dental hygiene to your small pets through chewing activity. It helps wear down the continuously growing cheek teeth that can be found in the back of the mouth when grinding motions happen.
  • ✔PROMOTES PROPER FUNCTIONING OF SMALL PET’S DIGESTIVE SYSTEM --- This pack of 20 pcs fibrous stick also contains low protein that is appropriate for herbivorous animals. Once chewed, it moves through small and large intestines then its high fiber content helps in the passage of food. It also averts the development of GI stasis or when your pet’s digestive system is slow-moving or blocked which can lead to more health problems eventually.
  • ✔MESS- FREE AND HEALTHY --- Made from Timothy Grass Powder, baked and shaped in low temperature and cleansed in high temperature, this no-pigment chew stick pose no effect to your furry friends. Unlike the hay type, you will also be assured that your active chewers will not create mess in and out of the cage as they munch this nutritious treat.
  • ✔ENCOURAGES BONDING BETWEEN PET AND PET PARENTS --- Create stronger connection when you hand feed the sticks to your pets. You can also use this as a reward during training and interaction. Regular bonding with them will help your pets know you well. Constant hearing your voice and communication can create stronger connection and it will be easier for pet parents to make their pets come on command.
  • ✔BOOSTS POSITIVE BEHAVIOR OF SMALL ANIMALS --- Also serves as a chew toy, this makes your pets to be physically active and mentally stimulated. It helps improve behavior in a limited environment where they are constrained.

Product description

The Kind of Care They Need
As a responsible pet owner, it is our duty to provide our pocket pets a healthy and happy life. Their needs should be given special attention including environment, nutrition, and health.

Here are some important things we need to ensure when we choose to welcome them as a family member in our home:

a)Living Condition - These furry companions usually live in pens or cages. Ensure they have comfortable bedding like aspen, pine or paper. These should also need to be changed at least twice a week to keep their fur and paws clean.

b)Continuously Growing Toenails - Toenails of these house pets should be periodically trimmed because once they have grown long and sharp, it will be very uncomfortable and painful. Lack of digging or burrowing in runs will not help to keep their nails trimmed without having someone do it for them. You can have the vet do this professionally should you not be able to do this by yourself.

c)Constantly Growing Teeth and Nutrition - Like their toenails, they experience nonstop growth of their cheek teeth. This is necessary to ensure the animal’s ability to chew throughout their lives. It is essential that they are being supplemented with a chew toy. Giving them Timothy Hay Chew Stick by Meric will not only be able to address possible problematic overgrown teeth but this fiber-rich stick will enable your pets to have a well-functioning digestive system.

The Way to Your Pet’s Heart is Through Their Stomach
Take advantage of these chew sticks so you can develop a special connection with your pets. Being both a toy and chew stick, you can give this as a reward whenever you spend time training or simply playing with them. It also encourages hand feeding and the bonding experience with you will be personal for them. You’ll be able to be closer to your pets and will be able to take care of their health at the same time in a way that they also enjoy without being messy.

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