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MARIMO PET STORE SunGrow Baby Shrimp Food - Essential Yellow Microorganism Powder Proper Nutrition, Digestion Immune Support – Only 1 in 10 Baby Shrimp Reach Adulthood - Triple The Survival Rate

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  • ✔ HELP BABY SHRIMP TO SURVIVE --- The Yellow SunGrow Baby Food is especially designed to help baby shrimp in surviving. Studies have shown that only 1 in 10 baby shrimp survive until adulthood. The first few weeks of baby shrimps’ lives are very critical and they need plenty of the essential nutrients in order to survive. Adding enriched, wholesome Shrimp Food to your shrimp tank triples the survival rate of your pet shrimp, as it provides the much needed Protein to the young shrimp.
  • ✔ COMPOSED OF A NUTRITIONAL MIX OF INGREDIENTS --- Designed with providing proper digestion, nutrition and immune support for baby shrimp, the nourishing food is composed of a very specific mix of ingredients. This highly beneficial yellow powder includes 14.1% crude protein, 14.3% raw fiber, 19.7% crude fat and 10.8% crude ash from which healthy microorganisms will hatch and grow providing nutrient-rich food for your baby shrimp.
  • ✔ ADDS CRITICAL MICROORGANISMS TO YOUR WATER --- Once you scoop in some SunGrow food powder, this helpful yellow powder will begin to hatch and grow into microorganisms. In order to exist, baby shrimp need to receive essential nutrients from the food they eat. Microorganisms are a delicious treat that provide baby (and adult) shrimp with the proper nutrition to thrive and grow. The abundance of nutritious food greatly increases the likelihood of baby shrimp surviving.
  • ✔ HELPS KEEPS AQUARIUM WATER CLEAN --- The important microorganisms hatched from the Food are not only excellent supplementary feed for baby shrimp, but they also have other incredibly positive side effects. These microorganisms consume food debris and the waste of your shrimp. They improve the color of your shrimp, help maintain the clarity of your aquarium water and therefore require you to spend less time and energy cleaning your shrimp tank.
  • ✔ SUPPORTED BY SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH --- For many years, studies have been conducted to determine how to prolong the life of finicky baby shrimp. All of this extensive research has been used to create the perfect mix of nutrients and develop the effective and essential Shrimp Food. The University for Fisheries Science in Hokkaido Japan has proved that significantly more baby shrimp survive and grow into hearty adult shrimp when this extraordinary rearing feed is used.