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Luffy Philippine Java Fern Live Aquatic Plant with Suction Cup

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Luffy Philippine Java Fern Live Plant for Aquarium --- Aquatic Plant with Suction Cup for Freshwater Fish - No Setup Required - Healthy Ecosystem for Tropical Fishes

  • IDEAL FOR CREATING NATURAL HABITAT FOR FRESHWATER FISHES --- The suction cup equipped Windelov plant by Luffy has elongated sword-like leaves that creates a beautiful wall in your fish tank. Its natural dark green hue creates a wonderful aquascape with a nice contrasting spectrum.Growing at maximum 12 inches in height, they create more than a beautiful tank, thereby maintaining an optimum environment for the tropical faunal species.
  • PROVIDES REST AND RECREATION FOR TROPICAL FISHES --- When stressed, your tropical pets like bettas, dwarf gouramis and others need to come to surface. It is essential in their environment to have fresh green leaves where they can swim through when they are looking for adventure. Shadows of these flowing leaves also serve as their hiding place when they try to avoid any real or imagined threats.
  • SERVES AS NATURAL FILTERS --- These natural plants maintain excellent water quality as they break down ammonia into less harmful nitrates and keep toxin levels in the environment near zero. Since it is a live plant, it converts carbon dioxide into oxygen and absorb nutrients from fish waste, thereby maintaining the underwater ecosystem.
  • EASY OR NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED --- The undemanding and easy to care for Java Fern can be stick to any glass surface with the help of the suction cup. Due to its ease of adaptability to aquarium wall, it does not require gruelling installation to create a beautiful décor for your aquarium.
  • BEAUTIFUL, LIVE IMPORTED JAVA FERN FROM THE PHILIPPINES --- Microsorum pteropus “Philippine”, or Philippines Java Fern is a beautiful, fuss-free plant which is favoured by new or seasoned aquarium enthusiasts to decorate their tanks. Naturally, a hardy fern, they are also easy to care for plants as they just need slightly harder water and fare well in low light and CO2 levels.

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