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Luffy marimo Fertilizer - Plump your Marimo

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Plump your marimo with Luffy Fertilizer -- Marimo food boosts growth - Imparts and enhances color - Regular dosage results in fluffier marimos

  • FERTILIZER THAT BOOSTS HEALTH --- LUFFY Ball Food is a liquid plant food, especially created for marimos. It contains the exact ratio of Phosphate, Calcium and Nitrates in addition to the required salts. While Calcium imparts color and makes the Marimo Moss Ball greener and healthier, Phosphate and Nitrates help the marimos grow quickly.
  • MAKE YOUR MARIMO BALLS LARGER, FLUFFIER --- Marimo plant is a kind of aquarium-friendly algae. As most of the common liquid aquarium plant fertilizers are used to battle algae, they do not help marimos grow and may damage the precious marimo plant instead. LUFFY Ball Food is especially designed for marimos and it helps Marimo Moss Balls get larger and fluffier.
  • FULL OF NUTRIENTS --- As marimo balls are high consumers of nitrates and phosphates, they often feed on the nitrates and phosphates present in the water and then face a hard time growing due to the lack of necessary nutrients. LUFFY Ball Food helps to provide the required nutrients for the fuzziest member of your aquarium.
  • POSITIVE IMPACT ON OTHER AQUATIC PLANTS --- It is absolutely safe for all other aquatic life in your tank too. In fact, if you have more aquatic plants in the aquarium, it will have a positive effect on their health too, as phosphates, calcium and nitrates are good for all aquatic plants.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN --- Just feed LUFFY Ball Food once in a week. Apply a few drops to your Marimo Moss Ball once a week. After the end of the week, change 50% of the tank water and repeat the cycle. When you do so, give your Marimo Moss Ball a little squeeze to prepare it to absorb its food.

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