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LUFFY Coco Philippines Java Fern with 10+ Leaves

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LUFFY Coco Philippines Java Fern: Live Aquatic Plant with 10+ Leaves : Provides a Natural Environment for Your Fish: Easy Care: Hardy Plant with Longevity

  • VERY LOW MAINTENANCE--- Does not require any special filtration or circulation. It feeds off the water column and can be placed in any substrate as long as its rhizome strip is attached to the substrate.
  • ENHANCE YOUR AQUASCAPE--- The Windelov Java fern is very distinct from the other java ferns, with its attractive multiple branching. When these leafy branches are in the water, a small flow will cause a soft feathering effect.
  • LEAFY GREEN WINDELOV FERN---This luscious Java fern comes with around 20 plus leaves. Each leaf measures between 3 to 8 inches long, creating a beautiful habitat for your underwater pets.
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS--- Although, the Windelov Java Fern is less well known and rarer than the common Java, it is just as easy to keep as other Java ferns. This fern is generally used by more experienced aquascapers, but you will look like a pro by adding the Windelov fern to your aquarium.
  • EASY TO PROPAGATE--- With absolutely no input from you, these Java ferns will grow smaller leaflets or plantlets on its leaves. They will continue to grow in size, until the baby leaf can be gently cut off from the mother plant and attached to a new piece of substrate.


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