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LUFFY Coco Petite Nana

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LUFFY Coco Petite Nana -Plant on coconut shell Suitable for Nano Tanks Best Placed on Rock or Wood for Beautiful Tanks

  • QUICK AND SIMPLE TO DEPOSIT INTO YOUR TANK --- Also known as the Anubias Nana Petite, this beautiful petite nana plant from Luffy comes already attached to an all natural coconut shell for easy installation. As the smallest member of the Anubias family, the Luffy Petite Nana is approximately 2” tall by 2.5” wide (5.5cm x 6.4cm) with round, dark green ½” (1cm) leaves. It is ideal for nano tanks and water vessels.
  • NATURALLY ENHANCES WATER QUALITY AND BENEFIT YOUR PETS --- Fish and other aquatic life require oxygen in order to breathe and survive. Because the petite nana is a living aquatic plant, it naturally produces essential oxygen. Luffy Petite Nana plants absorb undesired carbon dioxide and nitrates through their leaves, therefore removing them from your aquarium water. So, the more such plants your tank has, the more benefits your carp, tetra, platies, black molly and other smaller fishes will get.
  • LOVED BY ALL TYPES OF MARINE LIFE --- Easy to take care of and adaptable to a wide range of water, pH and lighting conditions, the Petite Nana Plant on a Coconut Shell by Luffy is a great aquatic plant for many species. Herbivorous fish, guppies, cichlids and more love to nibble on the plants and hide in the leaves.
  • LIVENS UP AQUARIUMS AND WATER DECORATIONS --- A favorite of hobbyists because of its hardiness, the petite nana plant adds a natural, beautiful splash of rich green color to your aquarium, fish tank or unique water decoration. Just like marimo moss balls, this adorable aquatic plant requires little maintenance and thrives without any special care. Plants like these are perfect for making creative handmade gifts such as mini centerpieces or charming desktop adornment.
  • COCONUT SHELL PROTECTS ROOTS OF PLANT --- The all natural coconut shell is domed to protect the hard fibrous stem (called a rhizome) of the Anubias Nana Petite plant. This convenient shell also holds the plant securely in place at the bottom of your tank and has very little effect on the pH levels of your aquarium water. If you prefer a look other than the coconut husk, you can cover it with a substrate, but be sure not to bury the rhizome or the plant will begin to rot.


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