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Low-maintenance Amazon Sword Plant

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Low-maintenance Amazon Sword Plant -- Serves as Betta resting area - Provides Hiding spot for the young - Adds security in a Breeding Tank - Creates beautiful aquatic background decor

  • CREATE PLAYSPACE FOR YOUR BETTA --- Betta loves plant in general. Putting this beautiful natural-looking Amazon Sword Plant by SunGrow in your bowl or aquarium will make your betta very active as they love exploring through them. An active betta is always a happy betta.
  • BEAUTIFUL BACKDROP DECOR FOR BOWL OR AQUARIUM --- This amazing plant has bright green non-toxic plastic leaves that can create a beautiful background when planted in a group. With a size of 30 cm tall, these plants serve as lovely background in the tank. It can create a thick green “forest-like effect” adding natural beauty to your tank.
  • SERVES AS BETTA’S HIDING & RESTING PLACE --- After an active play and exploration, your fish would equally enjoy resting and hiding in between the leaves of this plastic plant. It helps provide a good balance of rest and play to your fry or betta fish.
  • INSTALLATION IN SECONDS & STAYS WHERE YOU WANT IT --- This artificial plant come with a resin-weighted rock base to keep it solid in one place. It can also be removed easily when you feel like rearranging your fish environment. Frequent changes in surrounding can help minimize territorial behaviour of your fish.
  • NON-TOXIC & EASY TO MAINTAIN --- This plastic sword plant have no light requirements, doesn’t decay and discolor water. Since they were never in aquarium prior to your purchase, they don’t bring in pests or parasites obtained from other places into your tank. They can also be removed and cleaned.

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