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Interactive Dog Toy - Dog puzzle and treat dispenser

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Interactive Dog Toy by SunGrow -- Dog puzzle and treat dispenser for puppies, small and medium dogs - Increases IQ, Boredom buster - Provides unlimited fun and entertainment

  • EXCELLENT ALTERNATIVE TO TRADITIONAL BOWL FEEDING --- With SunGrow's Shake Q Pet Food Ball, you can do away with the traditional bowl feeding. Instead of the boring bowl, put the treats in this unique IQ ball. Let your pet figure out how to get the treat our and let him have fun while he eats. This also will extend the mealtime and prevent his unhealthy gulping habits.
  • STIMULATE PET'S MENTAL & PHYSICAL HEALTH --- It is playtime where you get involved with your pet and it is also the hour of the day that keeps your dog or cat mentally alert and physically fit. The Shake Q Pet Food Ball by SunGrow stimulates your pet's senses as he chases and plays with it that dispenses his favorite treats in between.
  • EASY-TO-USE, INNOVATIVE SOLUTION --- Give your pet an ultimate brain teaser with this amazing IQ ball with food dispenser. To use, just remove the adjustable sphere and fill it with your pet's favorite food stuff like cereal or kibble. Reassemble the two parts and give it to your pet. Allow the pet to nuzzle it initially to grab a piece of the tasty treats.
  • KEEPS THEM ENTERTAINED --- The Shake Q Pet Food Ball by SunGrow keeps them entertained and busy for hours altogether. Ideal especially on a rainy day since you cannot take your pet out. Your pet will have something to gorge on to kill the boredom and prevent indulging in any destructive behavior.
  • 100% SAFE --- SunGrow's Shake Q Pet Food Ball with food dispenser is ultra durable, non-toxic and non-odor material. It is 100% safe for all pets. High-quality plastic is used to make this Shake Q Pet Food Ball. To make sure that your pet will love Sungrow's Shake Q Pet Food Ball, it is made with a bell that produces a sound whenever the ball rolls on the floor. The bell is specially designed to produce a sound just enough to lure the pet and not loud enough to disturb you.

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