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Hand-woven Seagrass Tunnel Toy

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Hand-woven Seagrass Tunnel Toy --- Small Animal Activity Center from SunGrow - Pet-safe, all natural grass tunnel house - Perfect for Rabbits, Gerbils, Hamsters and Chinchillas

  • SATISFIES AN ANIMALS’ NATURAL INSTINCT --- All animals, even domesticated pets, have natural animal instincts inherent in them such as exploring, nesting and burrowing. The cozy seagrass pet house helps to satisfy all of these needs and more. Many animals prefer having a place to hide and the grass is perfectly safe to be used as a chew log.
  • HANDWOVEN, ALL NATURAL MATERIALS --- The safe and reliable Seagrass Tunnel Toy from SunGrow is made with 100% all-natural materials with no plastic, metal or glue. Not only is the fun small animal house easy to clean, but it is also perfectly safe for your pets to sleep in and chew on. Handwoven Seagrass is often used in home decor such as rugs and mats because of its raw, organic beauty.
  • MULTIPLE HOLES FOR ULTIMATE AMUSEMENT --- More than simply a straight tube with one hole on either end like other toys, the SunGrow grass tunnel is a multi-holed amusement park for your small pet. Going all the way through the all natural play center are a set of dynamic holes (approximately 1” in width each) for your furry friend to poke his happy head through.
  • ENTERTAINING FOR MANY SMALL PETS --- Being in a cage or tank all day can get very boring for your small pets. Hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets and even baby snakes love to crawl around and hide in the SunGrow Seagrass Tunnel. Netherland dwarf rabbits and hedgehogs enjoy sitting inside or on top of the grass house and even take a nibble or two on occasion.
  • DURABLE AND RETAINS ITS SHAPE --- Designed to hold the weight of small pets and retain its shape while they climb about, the exciting activity center is durable and long-lasting. The handwoven tunnel is 7 ½” long, 3 ¾” wide and 3 ¾” high (19 x 9.5 x 9.5cm) so that it easily fits into any standard terrarium or cage.

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