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Hamster Spinner Wheel for Mouse and Small Pets

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Hamster Spinner Wheel for Mouse and Small Pets -- Durable, Comfortable Spinning Exercise Toy by SunGrow - As Quiet as Library - Convenient 7” Diameter Perfect for Gerbils, Mice and Guinea Pigs

  • SPECIFICALLY SIZED FOR COMMON SMALL ANIMALS --- Lightweight yet highly durable, the SunGrow Silent Spinner Wheel has a diameter of approximately 7” (17.5cm). This deliberate wheel size is small enough that it fits smoothly into a standard pet cage, but also roomy enough for any common caged family pet (hamsters, rats, gerbils, mice, even chinchillas) to move freely and comfortably.
  • ENCOURAGES EXERCISE FOR HEALTHIER & HAPPIER PETS --- All species (including humans) benefit from regular exercise and entertainment; the Spinning Wheel from SunGrow provides both. The unique and exciting running experience delivered by a spin wheeler is a great way to promote a fun and active lifestyle keeping your small pet happier and healthier.
  • QUIET AND COMFORTABLE SPINNING WHEEL --- Activity and exercise is important to the health and happiness of your small pet, but you might think that enthusiastic movement can cause noise or disturbance. The time-tested ball bearing technology that has gone into its making lets you bring home a safe and silent workout wheel for your furry friends.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND CLEAN --- With very little effort, anyone can install the spin exercise wheel into your small animal’s wire cage. The lightweight pet toy attaches directly and securely to the vertical pillars that make up your cage using a foolproof wing nut on the back of the plastic wheel. Constructed of non-toxic, pet safe plastic, the spinner wheel can simply be cleaned with soap and water.
  • DELICATE RIDGES FOR ADDED TRACTION --- Although the SunGrow Spinner Wheel is mostly smooth, the interior does have small, perfectly spaced out ridges. These delicate ridges give additional traction making it easier for hamsters, mice and young guinea pigs or chinchillas to push the exercise wheel. The deliberate raised lines also provide extra entertainment and alleviate boredom.

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