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FLORO ⅛” Rope Ratchet Grow Light Hangers - Easy Way to Raise and Lower Fixtures - 8ft Heavy-Duty Braided Rope holds up to 150 lbs - Pulley System for hanging Lights in Art Gallery, Hydroponic System

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  • ✔ A PAIR OF ADJUSTABLE ROPE HANGER --- This pack comes with 2 light rope hangers. Each set can be attached to either end of your hanging items. So never again those long messy ropes, knots, chains take over you. Use the easy pulley mechanism and adjust the rope as per your desired height.
  • ✔ CREATE YOUR OWN HYDROPONIC SYSTEM --- These Floro rope hangers are great for creating your hydroponic system. Clip the rope to your tubing or the frame your seedlings are sitting in, and then attach onto the trellis or pole above. The hydroponic lighting hanger and rope ratchet can also help climbing plants, vines or creepers to grow vertically.
  • ✔ GREAT FOR HOME GARDENERS & GREENHOUSE FARMERS --- Horticulture hobbyists, experts, and organic kitchen garden enthusiasts will never fall short of sunlight. By hanging light fixtures, reflectors, carbon filters, ventilation equipment, potted flowers and plants, fans and more, you can create your own green world and expect to see a healthier and improved yield EVERYTIME!
  • ✔ STRONG ROPE, CLIPS AND LONG LENGTH --- The Floro ratchet rope measure about 8 inches which is more than enough for hanging your grow lights at the correct height. The 1/8" rope is made from braided polypropylene; this strong and durable material will not fray or rip. It can also hold up to 150 pounds of weight! The hooks are made of zinc plated stainless steel which is rust- and corrosion-resistant.
  • ✔ VERY EASY TO USE --- Clip the carabiner over a support pole on the roof of your grow tent and secure it tightly in place. The other end attaches to the fixture that you wish to hang. Press down the lever and the metal gears has an in-built pulley system that lets you adjust the height.