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FLORO Pruning Shear - 8” All Steel, Rust-Resistant Secateur –Sharp Blades with Non-Stick, Low Friction Coating - Comfortable Rubber Handle Grip – With Security Lock - Black & Silver

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  • ✔ FLORISTS, HOBBYISTS AND PROFESSIONAL GARDENER’S ALL-AROUND PRUNER –-- Whether you intend to trim or shape plants, cut a pretty floral bouquet, light branches of trees, shrubs, hedges or rose bush, one gardening tool needs to be always at hand…Pruners! Pruning Shear by Floro can do all these tasks smoothly, precisely and comfortably. It never fails to showcase creativity of a florist and one’s gardening skills whether you are just a hobbyist or a professional gardener.
  • ✔ RUST-RESISTANT WITH LOW FRICTION COATING –-- Its sharp and rust-resistant blades can deliver clean cuts on stems and small branches up to 5/8 inch diameter. This is made possible by its low friction non-stick coating which assists the blade to glide through woods easily.
  • ✔ DURABLE, PLANT- & USER-FRIENDLY – Made from 100% steel, it guarantees excellent durability and ease of use without exerting too much effort. It makes any plant spring-ready once you prune and trim them without injuries using this reliable shears. It doesn’t just save time and energy, more importantly, it saves your garden before it transforms to a Jurassic-Park like environment.
  • ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT, ERGONOMIC DESIGN PREVENTS HAND STRAIN --- Looks very classy in its black & silver color combination, this Floro cutting tool measures about 8” and with a rubber cushion handle providing a firm and comfortable grip ensuring no more hand fatigue. So trim or cut unwanted branches, leaves of your bonsai, flower or fruit tree easily.
  • ✔ WITH SAFETY LOCK --- This secateurs has a mechanism that allows you to put it in closed position. The security switch can prevent you from accidentally dropping it and cut yourself or anybody on a sharp blade. This also protects the blades if not in use.

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