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Fish Food Grinder - Crusher & Dispenser For Food Pellets And Flakes

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Fish Food Grinder --- Crusher And Dispenser For Food Pellets And Flakes – Adjustable Coarseness Level - Stainless Steel Body, Durable And Rust-resistant

  • PERFECTLY GRINDS FISH FOOD PELLET OR FLAKES TO SMALLER SIZE --- The variety of fish in your tank have different diet requirement. The small ones need smaller pellets or flake food compared to the other biggies inside the same aquarium. Fish Food Grinder by SunGrow is especially designed to perform this task. Just fill this with either pellets or flakes, and you can instantly turn them into your preferred bite size chunks for your small to medium fish.
  • NO-MESS, HANDS-FREE FOOD DISPENSER --- This state of the art tool doesn’t just help with giving the size consistency to your fish pet’s diet, this can also assist in dispensing them. Your hands will now be free from unwanted odor since you will no longer need to crush flakes between your fingers.
  • CLEAR BODY TO HIGHLIGHT CONTENT --- It is so easy to determine when you are running low on nutrition source for your swimming pets. This sleek food crusher, has an acrylic clear body where content level can be viewed and you will know when it’s time for refill.
  • ADJUSTS FOOD COARSENESS --- You can modify coarseness level of your feed by simply rotating top mechanism. This grinding tool can easily deliver desired thickness according to the needs of your fish. The treat dispenser is portable and very compact. The silver-colored dispenser only measures 4.5 inches (height) x 2.6” (width) and weighs 0.4 pound.
  • RUST-RESISTANT AND UNBREAKABLE --- Made from stainless steel material, this crushing equipment doesn’t corrode or gets rusty. Also known for its hard strength, you are guaranteed for a value for money investment as this doesn’t break and can last a long time.

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