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Eco-friendly Hydroponic LED Light

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Eco-friendly Hydroponic LED Light - Grow Plants Without Soil - Energy-efficient, cuts on high Utility Bills - Long Lifespan - Used in indoor flower gardens, nurseries, hydroponics, & greenhouses

  • CREATE ZEN ECOSYSTEM INSTANTLY --- If your plants are not getting enough sunlight, SunGrow Hydroponic LED light does that with its high brightness feature. It promotes growth and extends the flowering period to about 20 days.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT --- These ultra bright blue and red LED lights are much more energy-efficient than the conventional lights like high pressure or low pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp. Giving you a powerful glow without using up all your electricity. Apart from that, these lights consume less energy which preserves the environment and saves a lot on your utility bills.
  • MULTI-USE LIGHTS --- You can use these LED plant lights in multiple settings. From indoor flower gardens to vegetable gardens and from hydroponics to creating greenhouses. Showcase your thriving garden nursery to your guests and set a mark apart.
  • LONG LIFESPAN & ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY --- These LED lights will give you between 50,000- 100,000 hours of use. This mean you can use these lights to help your plants grow for many years before replacing any of the bulbs.
  • LOW TEMPERATURES --- LED lights run at low temperatures which is very important for optimal plant growth. Traditional lights will cause excessive heat and humidity. Keeping low temperatures is key in hydroponics and enclosed plant areas. Now you have an alternative to pursue your hobby and create a flourishing garden without soil.

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