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Dog Feed Magnetic Reminder Sticker by SunGrow

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Dog Feed Magnetic Reminder Sticker by SunGrow - Daily Indication Chart for Your Family - Easy to Stick on any Magnet or Plastic Surface - Color Coded - Prevent Overfeeding and Obesity

  • VERY HELPFUL FOR COUPLES OR FAMILIES --- When you have a large household or even just one other person living with you, it can sometimes get confusing to remember who fed the pet before work or if the family pet already had their dinner. With this daily reminder chart by SunGrow you can easily see if your dog or cat has already eaten their daily meals.
  • NO BATTERIES NEEDED EASILY KEEP TRACK OF DOG FEEDING SCHEDULE --- These easy slide buttons help you and your family keep track of when the dog was fed. Green means the dog has been fed, while silver means your doggy is still hungry. The sticker is magnetic so they securely stay in place and there will be no confusion about when your pet was fed.
  • TEACH KIDS RESPONSIBILITY OF LOOKING AFTER THEIR PETS --- With this “ Did You Feed the Dog Chart” stuck up on your fridge or at a prominent place in your home, children will learn the importance of looking after their pets and letting mom and dad know that they have fed the family pet.
  • PREVENTS OBESITY AND OVERFEEDING --- Sometime dogs will eat as many times as their food bowls are filled. This chart will prevent overfeeding your dog and reduce the risk of obesity. Your pet deserves to stay healthy and fed the correct amounts of food. Simply move the slider each day after you have fed the dog, and slide back at the beginning of each week.
  • EASY TO MOUNT OR HANG UP IN YOUR HOME --- Made of very strong and durable magnetic sheet, it can be mounted anywhere in your home. Simply bring it near to your fridge or washing machine. Alternatively use mounting metal squares to hang it on a wall next to where your dog food bowls or the food are located. This daily reminder chart is sleek, small and modern- measures 6x4 Inches

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